We cater for runners of all abilities from complete beginners to seasoned marathoners with training runs and sessions led by qualified run leaders and coaches.

Our main club night is on Wednesday at 19:30 meeting at Knowle FC (Due to Storm Damage to Knowle FC’s Club House we currently meet at St. Philips, Dorridge) with several different groups going out for runs at a variety of speeds and distances. The faster paced runners generally run at 7 minute mile pace, For those who are fairly new to running and wish to improve we have our Wednesday Improvers group, for this you will need to feel comfortable running 4-5 miles at a 10 minute mile pace.  Please feel free to pop along and try it out.

There are many other runs and training sessions throughout the week catering for runners of different abilities:

Monday: Speed Session for runners of all abilities usually meeting at Knowle FC at 19:30. Check with Captain Kathy in advance (

Tuesday: Tempo run or interval training on the road for runners capable of running 5k in 20 minutes or faster meeting in the stand at Norman Green Athletics Track in Solihull at 18:30 – ask for Simon.

Tuesday Morning: Cross country with Geoff.  Details posted in the forum each week.

Thursday: Interval training on the track for runners capable of running 5k in 20 minutes or faster meeting in the stand at Norman Green Athletics Track in Solihull at 18:30 – ask for Simon.

Friday: Improvers also meet at Knowle FC  at 9:15 (term time only) – ask for Tracy. This is an ideal group if you are fairly new to running and wish to improve or are just looking for some company on your runs.  A mixed group paced between 9-12 minute miles and looking to improve, with a variety of sessions from intervals to a leisurely run.  All that is required is that you can jog for about 20 minutes

Saturday: Many of our members run Brueton Parkrun meeting in Brueton Park just before 9:00.  Alternatively there is hill and circuit training throughout the winter meeting at Cofton Park at 08.30am. Read more HERE.  In the Summer these sessions are less regular so please check in advance.

Sunday: Many of our members arrange easy long runs as part of their training. There are many informal groups that head out for runs of varying distances and at varying paces – ask on a Wednesday, check the forum or follow us on Twitter @KandDRC.

Recent Training News:

Training: 25th Mar – 3rd Apr

Hannah England’s going to have us slowly transitioning to the faster WRRL sessions over the next few weeks. Remember to get your race entries in. More of the WRRL events are selling out so get in early!


Individual Coaching with Hannah England & Jonny Davies

Are you looking for support and advice going through 2019? Looking to supplement your K&D training?  While we as a club can offer more generalised training and specialised support on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Sub 21 parkrunners with Coach Colin we appreciate you may need more individually tailored support at other times in the week […]


Training: Marching Onward

Hannah has us warming up for your 10k’s, Marathon’s and HM’s. Except a progression from the runs we’ve been doing over winter.


Training: Beware the Strides of March

Where else do you get a dose of Shakespeare with your training? (Except Stratford-upon-Avon AC of course)


Training: K&D Fun Bus to Leeds Time

For those of you joining the 20+ people on the K&D Fun Bus remember to bring some clothes to whack on over your muddy legs!