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Weekend Recap 2: Rugby 10 + parkrun roundup

Rugby 10:
The WRRL rounded out with it’s season closer at the Rugby 10. Torsten Roesler led the men home in 21st place overall, followed by Rosie Marsh who was K&D’s first senior woman.

Full Results:
Torsten Roesler – 1:01:09
Dave Carbutt – 1:04:46
Robert Mundy – 1:08:01
Rosie Marsh – 1:09:28
Pete Austin – 1:10:31
Steve Armstrong – 1:11:59
Nick Atkin – 1:14:53
Gary Welsh – 1:19:57

Full WRRL will be available soon. 

Brueton parkrun:
With out men scattered round Chicago, Chester and Mordor Paul Benley led the team home at Brueton running 19:00 on the nose. He was followed by Danny Malone and Anthony Dutton who both also clocked 19’s… 19:17 and 19:58 to be precises. 

For the K&D women it was the now familiar Kerry Ann Thompson who took the honours. Her rapid improvements being consolidated with a superb 22:13. Louise Bell took the #2 spot with 23:11 and none other than Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell celebrated her recent HM pb by finishing third in 25:50.

It was a superb PB for Danny Malone who ran 19:17. Kerry Ann Thompson’s 22:13 equalled her PB from last week. Making it 8 weeks in a row she’s either PB’d or =’d her PB.

Arrow Valley parkrun:
A big congrats to Richard Dixon who took his first ever parkrun #1 tag.  Running 18:31 saw Dicko crowned Arrow Valley King for the week. Behind him Hala Atkin, Kevin Tomkinson and Ian Curtis (not the Joy Division one) made up a K&D Quartet.  Hala ran 25:18, Kevin clocked 25:34 and Ian notched up a 37:26.

Burgess parkrun:
Jack Bristow scorched round the fast and flat Burgess parkrun in 17:10. He finished 2nd overall and continued to nibble away at the 17 min barrier. It’s going to happen! Keep the faith JB! 

Bristow was joined at Burgess by the Quarmby’s by chance as Chris ran 28:23 and Jane stopped the clock at 29:31.

Ballincollig parkrun:
We like to drop in with friend of the club Riina Kuuselo who still lists K&D as her club. She scorched round in 19:42. Wonder if she fancies a regular scandi-uk commute for XC still?

Exmouth parkrun:
A late autumn Devon trip for Ainsley Wainwright who clocked 19:44.

Weekend Recap: parkruns in the sun

Brueton parkrun: Chris Sharp’s fast feet posed a fire risk over parched grass on Saturday. His 16:50 meaning Brueton needed a fire extinguisher on hand at the finish line. Behind him Gareth Wainwright ran a swift 17:25 – doing his best to create some breeze for the other runners while Michael Swann ran 18:46 for third K&D. Swan’s can carry 4 1/2 Stone of Ice under their wings. Swan fact.

Monica Green was our first K&D woman in 20:04. Hot Stuff! Flick Sharp followed in the sweaty footprints of Chris in 21:18. Jane Hunt sped to a 23:16, avoiding Chris’ sweaty foot prints. Wise. Hunt Fact: Jane hunt’s wild Pokemon in her spare time. She has a wild Charizard head mounted on her livingroom wall.

Bushy parkrun:
Week 2 of our stealthy K&D Bushy Takeover. It will be ours. Soooon. Jan Hornby (26:55),  Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell (27:32), Katie Price (29:43) and Caroline Edwards (30:32) laid down some secondary foundations. Next come’s the turret…

Stonehouse parkrun:
The Whitehead’s visited Stonehouse. A house. Made of Stone. Who’d have thought it! Novel. Killer Keith clocked 24:25 and Lovely Linda ran 29:09. The nicknames need some work.

Kingsbury Water parkrun:
Mmm water. A scarce commodity this summer. Anthony Dutton led our tour group round in 19:51. He carried a little flag like a Japanese tour guide in London. Kay Adenipekun was next up in 24:12, Paul Winwood ran 24:39, Karen Ratcliffe ran 26:26, Lissy Calvert clocked 31:13, Penny Taylor clocked off at 31:58 while Gail Partridge fell in a lake. Actually she ran 32:32.

Perry Hall parkrun:
The quietest Birmingham parkrun is a hidden gem. Steve Armstrong rolled up like a duke and dropped a 21:03.

Stratford-Upon-Avon parkrun:
Richard attacked the fast, flat SUA parkrun with 21:04 in the shadow of the RSC.

Errdig parkrun:
Errdig is a National Trust Home, famous for its tapestries. I was excited when I heard it was famous for is pastries. I am dissapointed. Pete Austin ran 21:08. We need more pastries.

Tampere parkrun:
Friend of the club Riina Kuuselo ran 20:37. Tampere Fact: Tampere this week hosted the World U20 Champs.

Exmouth parkrun:
Steve Marks ran 33:02. Exmouth Fact: Exmouth Lifeboat Station is #16 of Things to do in Exmouth on Trip Advisor. I’m not saying it’s a naff day out but… another Exmouth Fact: Drowning is #15 of Things to do in Exmouth on Trip Advisor.