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Weekend recap: Part 1 – Poli-Moly

With the K&D massive all over the place this weekend the first part of your weekend round up will be parkrun-centric with a non-5k roundup following tomorrow. Probably. If the results gophers don’t explode with excitement.

Brueton parkrun:
Gary Polihill continued his PB-Spree making it 6 PB’s in 7 weeks. Gary has gone from 18:41 down to 17:45. He’s been a regular at Cross Country and Tues/Thur’s Sub-21 min parkrunner training and is enjoying the benefits.
Gary closed down on K&D’s king of consistency Gareth Wainwright who ran 17:34. Chris Morgan rounded out the K&D Three with an 18:20.

Mary Heald ran 22:09 with buggy and despite the wind-resistance finished first K&D woman on the day. She held off Kerry Ann Thompson who ran a smart 22:54. Kerry Whitehill made a welcome podium return with a 27:02.

Joining the PB party bus driven by PB Polhill is Sarah Barker who ran 29:52. Top PB’ing Barker!

Cardiff parkrun:
A parkrun known for the high quality field it puts out, Max Gimson ran 19:37…. and finished 67th. Blimey.

Old Deer parkrun:
Two of our favourite Old Deers clocked 30:06 and 30:18. Katie Price and Amanda Crees were warming up for Hampton Court Half on the Sunday.

Coventry parkrun:
Three of K&D’s finest trotted over to Coventry as Mike Durkin, Stephen Ray and Kevin Tomkinson all ran Memorial park. Mike led them round in 21:56, Stephen clocked 23:16 and Kev enjoyed a leisurely 29:31.

Cannock Chase parkrun:
Wild winds for wild child Jude Mansfield who ran the numerically lovely 27:27.

Arrow Valley parkrun:
Jack Whitehouse is challenging Gary PB Polhill for the title of most PB’s in the last few weeks. Jack ran an excellent PB of 20:40. Running under 21 minutes for the first time.

Cannon Hill parkrun:
Three. It’s the magic number. An absurdly fast Cannon Hill parkrun (Male Winner, 15:39. Female Winner, 16:21) also saw three K&D Muskateers do battle. Steve McDonald (28:01), Johnny Bellman (28:38) and Steve Marks (40:54) all saw the fireworks.

Durham parkrun:
Paul Jeffrey found himself up North and ran 34:26 in beautiful Durham.

Wootton parkrun:
Jane Evans, on a women’s weekend away took the overall win. Despite being fuelled by Prosecco, or possibly because she was fuelled by Prosecco, Jane Evans clocked 20:21 to win by 1 minute and 20 seconds.

Kingsbury Water parkrun:
Simon Battson’s 24:51 saw him round the picturesque lakeside parkrun.

Ballincollig parkrun:
K&D’s Nordic Import ran 21:09 at the Irish parkrun as she warms up for London.

Christmas Recap: Brueton Special

Santa delivered a special Christmas Day surprise for Gareth Lloyd (26:13), Jessica Woolley (20:48) and Greg Turner (18:51). Weird. Because I thought Santa only brought presents for well behaved runners. And we all know there’s no way Greg has been good all year. Congrats on your Baby Jesus Birthday PB’s.

As for the rest of the runners and riders, Chris Sharp led the way like Rudolph, in 16:58, Chris ‘Dasher’ Morgan ran 18:10 and Richard ‘Dobby’ Dixon ran 18:17.

For the women Jessica Woolley took first while the appropriately named Mary Heald ran (with Buggy, no donkey’s needed). Louise Bell rang in Christmas Day with third place in 22:59.

Short and sweet. Like the 6 hours sitting in front of TV with your uncle that smells a little too much of cabbage.

Weekend Recap: K&D Women On Fire

Rother Valley Running Festival:
Rosie Marsh took on a 4 lap half today; smashing her PB and only just missing out on a sub 1:30 half as she ran 1:30:19.  Finishing 2nd lady and storming round the lake Rosie edged ever so much closer to a breaking a big barrier. Congrats on the PB Rosie!

Mo Run:
It was a fun run with tashes for K&D’s runners. Newbie Gary Polhill ran a strong 38:16 over the 2 lap course. Gary was followed by Kate Marsh in 50:46 (PB), Graham Edwards (53:31), Caroline Edwards (1:02:47).

Brueton parkrun:
K&D Women continued to burn up the scene as Flick Sharp and Emma Horsefield took the top 2 women’s spots. Both Flick and Emma both delivered stunning new PB’s. Flick ran 19:27 while Emma chased her all the way in 19:35. Sensational times from both of them. Flick now sits #4 and Emma #5 in the K&D Women’s All Time Lists.

K&D men didn’t disappoint either as Gareth Wainwright clocked 17:19 and Jack Bristow clocked 17:35 to finish 1-2. Third K&D man was Pete Makepeace in 20:04 whilethird K&D woman was Treasurer Jan Hornby in 25:56. 

Joining Flick & Emma in PB-topia was Paul ‘PB’ Winwood. Paul smashed his best and ran 22:43. The women ruled the roads though as Penny Taylor ran 30:05, Gail Partridge ran 29:22, Lianne Le Swann ran 27:57. PB. PB. PB. Bish. Bash. Bosh.

Arrow Valley parkrun:
Kevin Tomkinson’s 28:09 was the highlight of Arrow Vally.

Tampere parkrun:
Friend of the club Riina Kuuselo is now no longer a friend of the club. She’s officially K&D again. Wahey! To celebrate she Finnished in 20:16.

Weekend Recap: Centurions is Back!

Reminder: Club Ballot for London Marathon will close in the next 2-3 days. If you haven’t put your name in the hat and wish to do so, please do before Wednesday. Also, Cross Country is on Saturday. Look out for race/meet-up details in the next couple of days.

Centurions GP#1: 
Fast times in a misty morning for K&D’ers as Centurion’s Grand Prix returned. With athletes looking to put down a winter marker to base progression on over the next six months it was Greg Turner and Rosie Marsh who led the way. 

Greg ran a superb PB of 31:51 while Rosie Marsh equalled her PB with an excellent 33:12. There were excellent times throughout the field and a K&D debut for Jason Pitcher.

Full Results:
Greg Turner – 31:51
David Carbutt – 32:35
Rosie Marsh – 33:12
Amanda O’Leary – 34:02
Darren Maggs – 35:22
Jason Pitcher – 36:24
Paul O’Donnell  – 38:53
Kevin Tomkinson – 40:35
Catherine Sherlock – 41:45
Kate Marsh – 42:03
Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell – 43:29
Linda Whitehead – 46:59
Katie Price – 47:20
Tracy Davies – 47:41
Smita Deshpande – 47:49
Sue Wassell – 49:03
Siobhan O’Donnell – 50:15
Steve Marks – 53:43
Jo Tork – 55:10

Brueton parkrun:
Rob Michaelson-Yeates showed the form that took him to a superb time at Chester Marathon as he ran 17:26 over the shorter distance of 5k at Brueton on Saturday. He just edged Gareth Wainwright who ran 17:37 as he comes back from a wonky post-Chicago knee. Paul Bentley in 19:02 rounded out the men’s top 3.

K&D women warmed with a parkrun debut for newbie Rachael Gifford who joins us from Worthing & District. Rachel ran 1:24 at Birmingham half a couple of weeks ago and became the latest woman in the sub-1:20 K&D Women’s club running 19:20 on Sunday. Jan Hornby was 2nd K&D woman on Saturday running 27:36 pipping Lynsey Drakeley in 27:50. 

Penny Taylor PB’d on Saturday running 30:32. Bravo Penny!

Black Park parkrun:
We presume its actually green like most other parks.  Paul Winwood ran 24:12 while on his holibobs.

Coventry parkrun:
Jane Hunt ran Coventry parkrun on Saturday. Coventry by all accounts have or will be moving the start. FYI! Jane found the start ok and ran 25:22.

Leamington parkrun:
Anna Wilson was first K&D of three as she ran 31:18 on the hilly course. Behind her Kate Marsh kept a close eye on Darren ‘Wheezy’ John. Kate made it 2-0 as with a late 5m sprint as they both ran 37:46. A well deserved win for looking after Lungy McNoLungs.

Cannon Hill parkrun:
Kevin Tomkinson warmed up for Centurions with a 28:25 at Cannon Hill.

Penallta parkrun:
Penallta is based in Ystrad Mynach, Which is possibly made up. Steve Marks ran it in 32:37 as he returned to the motherland. 

Portobello parkrun:
Obviously named after a mushroom. Portobello is to be found in Edinburgh. As was Neil Letham who ran 27:50.

Conwy parkrun:
Pete Makepeace, who’s recently been in the form of his life continued making sub-20 look easy with a 19:55.

Swansea Bay parkrun:
Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell bumped into K&D Royalty in Gavin Davies at Swansea Bay. Ann ran 28:06. Gavin, for old time’s sake, ran 21:53.

Dolgellau parkrun:
A perpetual favourite of K&D’er on the Tourist trail, Richard Lisiecki was the latest to toe the line running 25:55. 

Ballincollig parkrun:
These names are just getting ridiculous now. Speaking of past club members, lets drop in with Riina Kuuselo who ran 20:08. 

Weekend Recap: Snowdonia Marathon, High’s and Former Lowes

Snowdonia Marathon:
Congratulations to Karen Ratcliffe who took on the fast and flat (LOL!) Snowdonia Marathon. Karen ran 4:58:56 for the marathon distance. A more than respectable time for any marathon that doesn’t include a mountain! 

Life’s little up’s and down’s! 

Brueton parkrun:
A quietish K&D weekend at Brueton was enlivened by a brand new female inductee into the sub-20 club. Emma Horsfield stormed round in a  19:52 PB as the women continued to smash barriers over the last few weeks. That puts Emma 5th fastest K&D woman at Brueton ever, booting Mary out the top-4 by a mere 4seconds. We doubt it’s the end of that little tooing and fro-ing in the near future

Emma on Saturday was joined by Kerry Ann Thompson who ran 21:51 and Louise Bell who ran 23:38.

The gents had the headlines stolen from them by the women this week. That didn’t stop Pete Makepeace climbing the podium summit. Running 19:23, Pete just missed his PB. Warning though, Gary Polhill who just joined K&D was ran 19:17 but misses out by just a few days on a week 1 podium. Paul Bentley and Anthony Dutton rounded out the K&D Top-3 this week with a 19:31 and 19:34.

Joining Emma Horsfield in the PB Teepee this week is Jack Whitehouse who rewrote his parkrun PB with a 22:11.

Ipswich parkrun:
Which Witch is Rob Michaelson Yeates Twitching? His 18:05 got in a pre-Halloween win at Ips-witch Parkrun.

Walsall Arboretum parkrun:
A coven of Calvert, Partridge and Taylor attended Walsall Arboretum parkrun on Saturday as Lissy, Gail and Penny enchanted their way to runs of 29:15, 29:40 and 30:08.

Coventry parkrun:
The only thing scary about Coventry parkrun is that ring road on the way in. Shudders. Simon Battson survived to run 25:01

Holkham parkrun:
Ainsley put the (f)right in Wainwright as he ran 26:10 in Holkham.

As ususal.. if there is anything we’ve missed pop it in the comments box on facebook!