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Weekend Recap 2: Rugby 10 + parkrun roundup

Rugby 10:
The WRRL rounded out with it’s season closer at the Rugby 10. Torsten Roesler led the men home in 21st place overall, followed by Rosie Marsh who was K&D’s first senior woman.

Full Results:
Torsten Roesler – 1:01:09
Dave Carbutt – 1:04:46
Robert Mundy – 1:08:01
Rosie Marsh – 1:09:28
Pete Austin – 1:10:31
Steve Armstrong – 1:11:59
Nick Atkin – 1:14:53
Gary Welsh – 1:19:57

Full WRRL will be available soon. 

Brueton parkrun:
With out men scattered round Chicago, Chester and Mordor Paul Benley led the team home at Brueton running 19:00 on the nose. He was followed by Danny Malone and Anthony Dutton who both also clocked 19’s… 19:17 and 19:58 to be precises. 

For the K&D women it was the now familiar Kerry Ann Thompson who took the honours. Her rapid improvements being consolidated with a superb 22:13. Louise Bell took the #2 spot with 23:11 and none other than Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell celebrated her recent HM pb by finishing third in 25:50.

It was a superb PB for Danny Malone who ran 19:17. Kerry Ann Thompson’s 22:13 equalled her PB from last week. Making it 8 weeks in a row she’s either PB’d or =’d her PB.

Arrow Valley parkrun:
A big congrats to Richard Dixon who took his first ever parkrun #1 tag.  Running 18:31 saw Dicko crowned Arrow Valley King for the week. Behind him Hala Atkin, Kevin Tomkinson and Ian Curtis (not the Joy Division one) made up a K&D Quartet.  Hala ran 25:18, Kevin clocked 25:34 and Ian notched up a 37:26.

Burgess parkrun:
Jack Bristow scorched round the fast and flat Burgess parkrun in 17:10. He finished 2nd overall and continued to nibble away at the 17 min barrier. It’s going to happen! Keep the faith JB! 

Bristow was joined at Burgess by the Quarmby’s by chance as Chris ran 28:23 and Jane stopped the clock at 29:31.

Ballincollig parkrun:
We like to drop in with friend of the club Riina Kuuselo who still lists K&D as her club. She scorched round in 19:42. Wonder if she fancies a regular scandi-uk commute for XC still?

Exmouth parkrun:
A late autumn Devon trip for Ainsley Wainwright who clocked 19:44.

Weekend Recap: Bristow’s All Gravy

ETU Triathlon European Champs:

Congratulations to Jack Bristow who this weekend became the European Age Group champion in the ETU Triathlon 20-24 Age Group Champs.  Held in Estonia the champs bring together elite and age group competitors from across Europe. Going in to the champs wanting a spot on the podium Jack excelled to take 1st place. From joining the club in 2017 as Dorridge Fun Run’s 1st non-affiliated local… while we’d like to take all the credit for his progress Jack’s a superb athlete who’s been a credit to the club in his time with us so far.

Top swim, bike, running from Jack following on from Keith Whitehead and Ellaine Callinan’s age-group tri-exploits. 



Brueton parkrun:

A FAST bloke ran Brueton in 15:30 ish on Saturday. But didn’t bring his barcode. Rookie error. Gareth Wainwright didn’t forget his as he ran 17:16. Behind him Rob Michaelson-Yeates clocked 18:26 and Jane Evans split the blokes with an 18:46. Paul Bentley was third man in 18:57. With a 23:17 Jane Hunt was second K&D woman followed by Sarah Cattell in 25:14.

Conkers parkrun:

A pre-Thunder Run jaunt out for Darren John and Kate Marsh. Both ran 32:01 taking it easy before their 50km each of trail running later in the day.

Swindon parkrun:
Swin-DONE as Lissy Calvert ticked off another parkrun on her list.  Lissy ran 29:58.

Arrow Valley parkrun:

A Bentley, an Aston and a Park. Simon Bentley took advantage of good weather and the undulating course to run a 17:44 while Rachel Aston clocked 25:52. Newbie Caroline Park put down a 23:52. Welcome to the club Caroline!

Cannon Hill parkrun:
Keith Whitehead took the short jaunt over to Cannon Hill to pop down a 26:08.

Medina I.O.W:
Kevin Tomkinson continued his quest to do every parkrun in the world with a 28:39. No word if he visited Black Gang Chine after.

Lanhydrock parkrun:
O’Donnell 1 and 2 made a jaunt to Lanhydrock parkrun over the weekend. Paul ran 25:14 while Siobhan registered 36:43.

Tampere parkrun:
Friend of the clun Riina Kuuselo ran 20:08 in Finland. More like FASTland.

Heartlands parkrun:
Nope. Not one round the hospital in Birmingham. Actually to be found in Pool, Redruth. Steve Marks ran 35:02.

Weekend Recap: Leamington Gah! Partridge with a parkrun PB

Leamington Half:
Teething problems for the first year of the Leamington Half included a lack of start-line loo’s, more signage needed and a 40 min delay to the start due eejits refusing to adhere to road closures. As the temperatures increased frustrations grew; the race adjudicator correctly held the start until he was happy runners could safely run the course.  K&D fully support the organisers and race adjudicators decision (although a little more clarity in communication might have helped). On the plus side the support was excellent, medals chunky and plenty of water on course.

Anyway; to the racing. HOT, pretty hilly and a tough day out. Congrats to everyone who completed the 13.1 miles in those tough conditions. 

Full Results:

Pete MAKEPEACE 01:39:14
Adam O’Nions 01:42:59
Nick Atkin 01:46:08
Darryl Wilkes 01:59:06
Hala ATKIN 02:02:44
Karen RATCLIFFE 02:05:33
Robert STEWART 02:08:34
Paul WINWOOD 02:08:45
Kate MARSH 02:12:17
Catherine Price 02:23:57

Brueton parkrun: Hot in the park. Gareth Wainwright and Jane Evans were our K&D 1-2 with Gareth running 17:31 and Jane clocking 18:40. Rob Michaelson Yeates was man #2 in 19:09 followed swiftly by Paul Williams in 19:10. Teamwork.  Rosie Marsh was 2nd woman overall in a sweltering new PB of 20:11 followed by Jane Hunt in 23:36.

Rosie Marsh’s PB of 20:11 took her ever closer to that 20 min barrier. With a 28:24 Gareth Lloyd joined Rosie in PB Corner. Also there was Gail Partridge with a 30:40. Lending her surname nicely to this week’s article title and Carla Watson clocked a best ever 30:37.

Torbay Velo parkrun:
An under the weather (too much sun!) Darren John suffered through a 19:29 parkrun. Too much sun (and ice-cream). Kate Marsh enjoyed her 26:08 more than her 181 mile return trip stuck in a car with a grumpy Darren for 3 1/2 hours.

Arrow Valley parkrun:
Armstrong & Austin sounds like a mid-90’s ITV detective show. Maybe starring Martin Clunes. Only 11 seconds separated Steve Armstrong (21:21) and Pete Austin (21:32). They solved two murders in the 30 minutes after. 

Cannon Hill parkrun:
Jack Bristow blistered his way round Cannon Hill in a 17:22 on a super-fast 15:03 winning day.

Poole parkrun:
Steve Marks embraced a fast Poole course and nice weather to clock 34:13.

Lydney parkrun:
Green was the colour of Lydney on Saturday as Monica and David both ran well. Finishing in 20:54 and 21:18 they both finished in the top-6.


Weekend Recap: Round Sheffield Brum, Phwoarbay Half

Round Sheffield Run:

Brummies on Tour as Jude, Kathy and Elaine took on the Round Sheffield Run. A multistage trail run that can be ran solo or in teams. Don’t be fooled by the sparkly skirts; our ladies are tough as Sheffield Steel. Elaine Callinan ran solo, clocking the 13ish miles in 01:53:49. Taking on some epic hills. Jude and Kathy tag teamed up like WWE Tag Team Champinos. Jude and Kathy ran a combined time of 01:54:56. Well done you three!

Torbay Half: Scorchio. With Hills and Heat we saw a roasting Sunday morning race along the sea-front in Torbay. Darren John and Kate Marsh took the chance to treat the morning as a good training run. Darren with a dodgy right calf ran a solid 1:22:57 Tempo run while Kate Marsh enjoyed a leisurely 2:10:04. Both used lots of suntan lotion and avoided burning or being clattered by seagulls on the rampage.

Brueton parkrun:

Chris Morgan lay down a fast parkrun on Saturday morning clocking a storming 17:06.  Gareth Wainwright who missed Arden 9 with a tight hamstring showed he’s none the worse off with a 17:18. Third K&D was Darren John in 18:15 who had to stop and do his shoe laces up half-way round. Anyone got any velco running shoes?

Monica Green was first lady overall at Brueton with a strong 20:50. Superb running from MG. Monica was 2 seconds ahead of Flick Sharp who clocked 20:52. Her fastest in 2018. Mary Heald ran 22:23, which means you’d have had to be very quick to be on our women’s podium this week!

Robert Mundy PB’d with a superb 19:21. Robert has only done 6 parkrun’s since 2014. Rare like Unicorn Eggs. Excellent PB though!

Cannock Chase parkrun:

Kevin Tomkinson ticked off another parkrun with a 26:01, putting the Chase into Cannock.

Arrow Valley parkrun:

Richard Dixon enjoyed the cool shade of Arrow Valley’s lakeside setting with an 18:49.

Cannon Hill parkrun:

A food festival caused a re-routing of the Cannon Hill parkrun in Birmingham. Mmm Food. Phil Wood embraced the change and ran 25:28. No word on how much food he ate after…

Newport parkrun:

The Whiteheads on Tour; Keith and Linda took in Newport, Wales running 24:59 and 30:27 respectively.

Barstaple parkrun:
Subhash Agarwalla had a barnstorming run in Barnstaple. He ran the numerically lovely 26:26.

Witton parkrun:

Lissy Calvert got a bit lost on her way to Perry Hall parkrun, ending up in Witton, Blackburn instead of Witton, Birmingham. She did at least get to tick off another parkrun in 32:12.

Dolgellau parkrun:

Greg Turner was allowed over the boarder into Wales. Surprising. We thought he was still Asbo’ed from Wales. 20:06 before he made a quick exit.

Stratford-upon-Avon parkrun:

Richard Orriel continued his impressive form over the last few weeks by running 21:18 on the beautiful Stratford course.

Portsmouth Lakeside parkrun:

Rob Ambrose found himself at the end of the country. In Portsmouth he took on the lakeside course and ran sub 20 in 19:53.

Witney (Houston) parkrun:

And IIIIIIIII will allllllways run you…

John Garside ran 23:31 to complete Witney (Houston) parkrun in Oxfordshire.

Weekend Recap: parkrun Special

Brueton parkrun:

K&D once again went 1-2-3 at Brueton. A different name up front this time though as Rob Michaelson Yeates stopped sandbagging and finally let rip – running a new parkrun PB of 17:17. Behind him Gareth Wainwright recovered well from two hard sessions on Tuesday and Thursday to run 17:35 while Chris Morgan ran 17:55 to slide in under the 18 minute barrier. Hotting Up.

Speaking of hot performances, Mary Heald ripped up the park with a 20:48. Louise Marklew clocked a snappy 23:25, just pipping Louise Bell who ran 23:30. Louise and Louise rivalry!

It was a PB-tastic day for the men with Rob Michaelson-Yeates leading the way. Kay Adenipekun ran 23:27, Nick Burke ran 24:38, Richard Orriel ran 22:10, Greg Turner clocked 19:16 (Reward for his recent commitment to our Tue and Thurs Sessions at Tudor Grange).

Arrow Valley parkrun:

A picture speaks a thousand words.

A gaggle of K&D turned up in Redditch to run on Saturday. Donning their Saturday finest. Graham Edwards had all the ladies chasing after him as he ran 25:33. Behind him Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell stormed to a 26:17, Jan Hornby clocked 26:20, Katie Price roared home in 28:19, Amanda Crees pranced in at 28:28, Caroline Edwards finished in 30:21 and Claire Deeley rounded out the team in 31:27. Who forgot to send the vest memo to Jan?

Leamington parkrun:

Ian Maidment made the short hop over to Leamington to run 26:56.

Greenock parkrun:

He’s fast and he can re-wire your light fittings. Anthony Dutton clocked 19:23.

Sandwell Valley:
Summer is here so everyone is touristing. Steve Armstrong got as far as Sandwell Valley. It only took him 23:19 to complete to course.

Barking parkrun:
Sarah Cattell wasn’t Barking up the wrong tree. She ran 25:21.

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge:
Stupid long name. Paul and Siobhan O’Donnell who have sensible length names could teach the people of Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge a thing or two about brevity. Paul ran a 23:38 while Siobhan completed the 5k in 32:07.P

Perry Hall parkrun:
Continuing their Tour de Birmingham Darren and Kate ticked off their final Birmingham and Surrounding Areas (Cannon Hill, Brueton, Kingsbury, Perry Hall) parkrun list. 7 different parkruns in 7 weeks too. Darren was first finisher overall in 17:36. A lurgy recovering Kate took it easy in 26:33.