Weekend Recap: Bank Holiday Bonanza

Edinburgh Marathon Festival:
Sherlock and Turner – a Post-Watson career turn for the great Detective whereby he becomes a marathoner with a blonde sidekick. Or our very own Catherine Sherlock and Hayley Turner who both took on Edinburgh Marathon over the Bank Holiday weekend. Catherine Sherlock ran 5hr 1min and 41sec. Hayley Turner wasn’t far behind in 5hrs 8min and 38 seconds.

Half the distance but just as much fun for Steve McDonald, Sian Davies and Fiona Holland. Steve ran a super strong 1:24:32, Sian clocked 2:18:37 and Fi enjoyed a 2:40:10 run.

Birmingham 10k:
With the heaven’s opening it rained PB’s as K&D’s men went off at Kamikazee pace. Jack Bristow, ‘fresh’ from partying the night before crowned his PB with a good old fashioned painting of the cobbles. Worth it for his new 35:30 PB though. He nipped Gareth Wainwright (35:34) and on their tails was George de Bolla in another PB of 37:57.

Nicky Evans was doing the 10k double between London and Birmingham running 49:36 on Sunday to be K&D’s leading lady. Jan Hornby, 56:37 took silver while Linda Whitehead, proudly wearing her England Masters Representative Kit clocked 58:45.

Full results:

Jack Bristow – 35:30 (PB)Kay Adenipekun – 52:27 (PB)
Gareth Wainwright – 35:34Jan Hornby – 56:37
George de Bolla – 37:57 (PB)Linda Whitehead – 58:45
Danny Malone – 38:27 (PB)Louise Kemp – 1:01:10 (PB)
Jack Whitehouse – 43:27 (PB)Dawn Woolbed – 1:01:20 (PB)
Jason Pitcher – 43:59Indra Jenking – 1:04:28
Phil Wood – 44:43 (PB)Genette White – 1:04:30 (PB)
Adam O’Nions – 44:55Manjit Uppal – 1:05:15 (PB)
Stephen Ray – 45:34Frances Ramsden – 1:05:37
Nicola Evans – 49:36Jo Tork – 1:10:08
Rob Stewart – 50:24

London 10,000:
With Birmingham 10k the day before we sent a small squad to the London 10,000 to take on Mo Farah and Steph Twell.

Richard Boydell took the team through in 45:44 as K&D’s male representative. Behind him it was Ladie’s day as Caroline Park ran 47:39, Nicky Evans ran 48:47 (her 2nd 10k in two days and a PB) and Amanda Crees ran 1:04:45.

Brueton parkrun:
Gareth Wainwright got pipped by kids twice this weekend. First by Keelan at parkrun then Jack (he’s about 12 right?) at Birmingham 10k. Getting old is tough! He did manage a 17:25 though on Saturday. Habib Farazmand of the Tues/Thurs Sub-21 group ran 18:40 for second and Ainsley Wainwright rounded out the K&D parkrun podium this week in 19:12.

In 20:33 it was Mary Heald at the head of the Women’s queue to get her barcode scanned for K&D Women. Mary led Siobhan Cotter (22:49) and Jane Hunt (22:50) in a battle for the ages. Just a single second separating Cotter and Hunt. No PB’s this weekend as everyone saved their leg’s for races galore on Sunday and Monday.

Rosliston parkrun:
Ian Maidment enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of Rosliston park on Saturday. Always a fun once to do pre-Thunder Run if anyone is ever on the look out. Ian ran 26:47.

Basingstoke parkrun:
Imogen Rowe ran 28:38 in Basingstoke. Which is like Stoke. But with more Basing.

Lymington Woodside parkrun:
Laren Stapely ran 26:50. Lymington is in Hampshire apparently.

Nobles parkrun:
Lissy Calvert took a jaunt to the Isle of Man for Nobles parkrun. It’s pronounced No-bulls. Not Nob-less.

Rushcliffe parkrun:
Katie Price ran 31:43 going Notts Way.

Telford parkrun:
Chris Sharp show’s he still has canned heat in his heels as he sped round to 16:49.

Kingsbury Water parkrun:
Peter Austin clocked a 20:35 at the local lakes of Kingsbury

Gavan Sands parkrun:
Woolley #1 and #2 – depending on preference – ran 18:31 and 22:03. Nick and Jess clocked swift times for first male and first female.

Great Notley parkrun:
Alison Giblin found herself in Essex. Presumably going out later on that night with the Towie lot? She ran 31:57 first though.

Harcourt Hill parkrun:
Nigel Foster visited Oxford at the weekend. At Harcourt Hill he clocked 27:52.

Evesham parkrun:
Edwards #1 and Edwards #2 depending on preference indluged in a little tourism action. Graham ran 25:27 while Caroline clocked 29:49 as she continued her comeback.

Wyre Forest parkrun:
Steve Armstrong ran 22:14. Why do they have a forest made of Wyre? That just sounds dangerous.

Stratford-upon-Avon parkrun:
John Garside. Something funny. 21:57.

Churchfields parkrun:
Jon Beech, making his debut on these pages rounded out this weekend’s exhausting parkrun roundup with a 25:32.

15 parkruns, a marathon, a half and two 10k’s. I’m off for a lie down.

Training: 27/05/19-05/06/19

Hope you enjoyed your Bank Holiday fun. Training Schedule is a day late (Chair’s fault. He was exhausted after stopping up until Midnight on Sunday. MIDNIGHT!!!)

WRRL – Ryton Brother

With the dust settling on Thursday’s WRRL action and before we get to the wild weekend of racing, a quick catch-up on result’s from Ryton Pools.

Rob Michaelson-Yeates and Flick Sharp were leading the Green and Gold charge as a slightly altered Ryton 5. Rob finished an excellent 6th in a super strong 27:36.

K&D’s top three men were Rob Michaelson-Yeares (27:36), Gary ‘PB’ Polhill (29:00) and Torsten Roesler (29:51). The top three K&D women were Flick Sharp (33:14), Jane Hunt (38:28) and Caroline Park (39:05).

The next WRRL is Two Castles 10k. Congrats to the 33 of you that ran Ryton. Double congrats to the 10 that PB’d!

Full Results:

Rob Michaelson-Yeates – 27:36 (PB)Caroline Park – 39:05
Gary Polhill – 29:00 (PB) Rob Stewart – 39:57
Torsten Roesler – 29:51 (PB)Paul Winwood – 40:00
David Carbutt – 30:47Graham Edwards – 40:00
Darren John – 30:50Mark Owen – 40:05
Rob Ambrose – 32:55Kerry Thompson – 40:07 (PB)
Max Gimson – 33:58 (PB) Jude Mansfield – 40:15
Flick Sharp – 34:14Sarah Connors – 41:59
Steve Armstrong – 34:31Keith Whitehead – 42:12
Andrew Connors – 34:45 (PB)Kate Marsh – 42:51
Adam O’Nions – 36:13Anna Wilson – 43:28
Michael Day – 36:32Karen Ratcliffe – 44:47 (PB)
Michael Durkin – 36:48 (PB)Katie Price – 45:58
Stephen Ray – 36:56Samantha Edgington – 47:16 (PB)
Simon Krstic – 38:10Linda Whitehead – 48:23
Martin Hancock – 38:21 (PB) Steve Marks – 57:11
Jane Hunt – 38:28

Knowle Fun Run Results

Congratulations to everyone who represented the club so well at this year’s Knowle Fun Run. The course change to make it 10k might now mean Greg is no longer banned for asking them if the course is long enough.

There seemed to be Green and Gold everywhere we looked and Gareth Wainwright even made sure of a K&D spot on top of the podium as he won the 10k in a new PB of 35:02. Mary Heald was first K&D Woman in 42:08.

If we’ve missed your name in the results please do let us know and we’ll update the list:

Athlete NameTeamChip Time
Gareth WAINWRIGHTKnowle & Dorridge RC A00:35:02
David CARBUTTKnowle & Dorridge RC A00:38:13
Darren JOHNKnowle & Dorridge RC A00:38:41
Jonathan RANDELLK&D00:38:51
Ainsley WAINWRIGHTK&D00:38:53
Greg TURNERKnowle & Dorridge RC E00:39:01
Paul BENTLEYKnowle & Dorridge RC A00:39:45
Andrew CONNORSKnowle & Dorridge RC B00:41:49
Mary HEALDK&D00:42:08
Amanda O’LEARYKnowle & Dorridge RC C00:42:18
Max GIMSONKnowle & Dorridge RC E00:42:26
Steve ARMSTRONGKnowle & Dorridge RC D00:42:34
Stephen RAYK&D00:44:50
Lloyd BARTONK&D00:44:57
Jack WHITEHOUSEK&D00:45:18
Adam O’NIONSK&D00:45:20
Mark WILSON RAMSAYKnowle & Dorridge RC H00:45:24
John GARSIDEKnowle & Dorridge RC B00:45:52
Claire MAGEEK&D00:46:16
Mike DURKINKnowle & Dorridge RC H00:46:17
Steve PENSOMK&D00:46:27
Martin HANCOCKK&D00:48:20
Caroline PARKKnowle & Dorridge RC E00:48:26
Graham EDWARDSKnowle & Dorridge RC F00:48:44
Simon KRSTICK&D00:48:48
Mark GALEKnowle & Dorridge RC H00:49:22
Nicola EVANSK&D00:49:33
Keith WHITEHEADKnowle & Dorridge RC B00:51:03
Robert STEWARTKnowle & Dorridge RC F00:51:38
Kay ADENIPEKUNKnowle & Dorridge RC C00:52:00
Ian MAIDMENTK&D00:52:27
Richard LISIECKIKnowle & Dorridge RC F00:52:53
Kate MARSHKnowle & Dorridge RC C00:53:16
Kerry WHITEHILLKnowle & Dorridge RC G00:53:18
Anna WILSONK&D00:53:41
Adeba JAMAKnowle & Dorridge RC G00:54:25
Janice LISIECKIKnowle & Dorridge RC G00:56:06
Katie PRICEKnowle & Dorridge RC D00:56:09
Neil LETHAMK&D00:57:45
Nigel FOSTERKnowle & Dorridge RC D00:57:50
Samantha EDGINTONKnowle & Dorridge RC E00:58:22
Karen RATCLIFFEKnowle & Dorridge RC C00:58:27
Lianne LE SWANNKnowle & Dorridge RC D00:59:00
Linda WHITEHEADKnowle & Dorridge RC B00:59:16
Steve MARKSKnowle & Dorridge RC H01:11:43
Paul JEFFREYKnowle & Dorridge RC G01:13:17

We also had a number of runners in the 5k mix running with Family, returning from injury, making their K&D debut’s and enjoying one sunny lap of Knowle:

Athlete NameTeamChip Time
Kerry THOMPSONK&D00:25:07
Chris THORLEYK&D00:27:52
David JOHNK&D00:32:37
Imogen ROWEK&D00:29:01
James TAYLORK&D00:36:05

Thank you to everyone that turned out on the day. It was a massive K&D presence which is always a superb way to advertise what we do to the local community. Thank you to the K&D supporters on the route, it’s always nice to see someone you know on Longdon Road hill (if only because you don’t want to stop and walk in front of them – so you keep going!)

Weekend Recap: Let Sleeping Dobbs Lie

White Peaks Marathon:
Despite it being trails and hills Richard Dixon ran the White Peaks Marathon in a superb 3 hours 3 minutes. It bodes well for Dobby that he can crack out that kind of pace on the trails and puts him in a superb place for summer off the back of an 8 week programme. He’s earned a good nap.

Chester Half Marathon:
Nick Woolley put himself =2 with Chris Morgan on the K&D Half Marathon 2019 list with a super PB of 1:17:38. With a whole host of guys still to go for a fast half it’ll be an interesting end of year list.

Worcester Half:
Penny Taylor, Gail Partridge and Alicia Calvert took the short jaunt down to Worcester for their Half Marathon. They chased Neil Draycott round (who ran 1:41:54). We’ve told them about chasing all the boys before. Gail was closest to Neil, running 2:28:19, Lissy ran 2:29:19 and Penny Clocked 2:33:51. Sterling stuff from this week’s cover stars.

Down to the Wyre 10k
We support any race that is willing to Pun. Top work Down to the Wyre organisers. K&D salute you. Dynamic Duo, Kathy Bailey and Jude Mansfield took 1st and 2nd in their age group’s (Surely they’re both 21-25?) while Stephen Ray took 2nd in his (Over 65’s?).

Sorry Stephen! Jason Pitcher’s 48:33 saw him across the line first for K&D as he pipped Stephen (Male 55+) who ran 50:22. Kathy Bailey ran 53:23, Jude Mansfield recorded a 53:26 and Lynsey Drakeley finished in 1:12:48 and Samantha Edgington warmed up for KFR2019 with a 1:15:45.

Brueton parkrun:
*Copy, Paste* Gareth Wainwright ran 17:13 (of course he did). Darren John ran mid 18’s (18:32, of course he did). and Habib Farazmand picked up another PB of 18:34 after recently joining out Tue & Thurs group (of course he did).

Siobhan Cotter ran 22:28, Louise Bell ran 23:04 and Kate Marsh ran 25:14. At least the K&D women can be relied on for some variety!

Alan Marshall ran a PB of 24:38 (Thank you Marshall), while David John ran a course PB of 31:21.

Coventry parkrun:
Sherlock and Turner, everyone’s new favourite ITV detective show, ran 29:01 and 35:53 at Coventry parkrun. I hope they’re investigating Coventry’s crime of a Ring Road.

Arrow Valley:
Pete Austin pitched up in Redditch to nip under 21 min (20:50).

Kingsbury Water parkrun:
Following his inaugral run at Brueton Simon Battson returned to his home territory of Kingsbury to run 24:13.

Stratford-upon-Avon parkrun:
Steven Whatmore is searching for Sub-18 this summer. It’s a documentary that’ll no doubt feature at Cannes next yr. He’ll have to wait. His 18:05 just shy of his target. It’ll happen though.

Bideford parkrun:
Danny Malone ran 18:34 and found himself third at Bideford. BidiThird?

Bedworth parkrun:
Kev Tomkinson and Alison Giblin continued their Tour de Midlands with a 27:03 and 29:55 at Bedworth parkrun.

KFR2019 Results to follow on Tues or whenever we can get the Results Gophers to stop crying.