Training: 8th – 17th Oct

Blimey what a weekend of running! Don’t be afraid to take it easy if you marathoned this weekend.  For the rest of you we’ll be doing some nice strength building sessions…

Weekend Recap: Tissington Away Day, Robin Hood

Tissington Trail Half Marathon:
The annual pilgrimage. En Masse some of K&D’s finest now  routinely spend their end of summer days in Derbyshire. Like some East Midlands Best Exotic Marigold Half Marathon.

Ann Spencer delivered a fine PB performance on Saturday. But it was sibling teamwork that had Isabel & John Collins leading the men and women for K&D home.  A great day for the Collins’ as Isabel, John and Alice all took 3 of the top 4 K&D led spots (Alice recently moved to Watford but as a Collins she’s always K&D of course!). Their dad Nigel also rounded out the Collins Saturday with a super 1:59:51. His first sub-2 Half. 27 K&D ran the half on the Saturday.

Chip TimeFirst NameSurnameChip TimeFirst NameSurname
& John

Tissington 5k:
Three K&D took on the shorter distance on the Saturday too, enjoying a fun five-k frolic:

00:34:34PennyGarnerKnowle & Dorridge
00:35:43JoTorkKnowle & Dorridge
00:37:46MarieHowarthKnowle & Dorridge

Tissington Half Sunday:
The only K&D representative on Sunday, Flick Sharp left a scorching trail behind her as she ran an excellent 1:30:19. Only just outside the 1:30 London Marathon Women’s Championship cut-off. Will we see two Sharps in the Championship pen soon?

Chip TimeFirst NameSurnameClub
01:30:19FelicitySharpKnowle & Dorridge Rc

Robin Hood Half:
Big Dave Carbutt ran a superb 1:27:20 at Nottingham’s Robin Hood Half. With a tough first 5k uphill thats an excellent time for Carbutt. Darren’s lung issues kept him to a training run; wheezing round in 1:37. Kate Marsh was first K&D woman, just pipping Liz Williams 2:03 to 2:04.

NameChip Time
David Carbutt01:27:20
Darren John01:37:46
Kate Marsh02:03:18
Elizabeth Williams02:04:47

Brueton parkrun:

As he warms up for Chicago Marathon Gareth Wainwright put down a superb 16:51 to build his confidence before heading stateside. Watch out Mo!  Newbie Nick Wolley put the cat among the puddings with a 17:27 on his first Brueton outing, whilst Richard ‘Tricky Dicky’ Dixon ran 18:28 to keep the young whippersnappers honest.

Mary Heald battled her lesser half (well, he is a Centurion) Peter to a 20:44 clocking. mary was first woman and most importantly claims Heald House-hold honours. Newbie, and 2nd Wolley was Jessica who clocked 21:11 and left Women’s Captain Rosie rubbing her hands in glee at the additions of Jessica and Kerry Ann Thompson who herself ran 22:13.

Also rubbing his hands, and not just because it was cold, was Gareth Lloyd who PB’d in 27:35. Kerry Ann Thompson’s 22:13 was her 7th PB in a row! Ridiculous form!

York parkrun: 
Novak said it was fast and flat, and his time backed it up as Chris Morgan ran a superb 17:11.

Cannon Hill parkrun:
Johnny Bellman ran a superb 18:44 at Cannon Hill. Equalling his all-time PB.

Huntington parkrun:
23:45 for Kevin Tomkinson on Saturday. Thats a PB on event 321!

Your Cross Country Guide

It’s almost time for the best part of the year! XC.

 Cross Country and buying spikes can be a bit daunting so here is your guide:

What do I need?
6 Spikes – Don’t go for a pair of spikes with only 4 spaces for spikes. They’re fine for softie-USA courses but won’t be much use in the UK in Feb.

Can I run in road/trail shoes?
Mostly, no. I mean you can, but you’ll fall over lots. Get some spikes, they look cool, make your feet (at least) look like a professional and feel >>>FAST>>>.

How much should I spend?
£20-£50 is usually ok.

Where to shop?
Helix and Real Buzz Solihull obvs. Don’t forget your discounts!
Also we love Start Fitness for an excellent range of spikes.

What Brands Should I Trust?
Don’t bother with Nike. Their XC spikes are usually built for USA courses.
Adidas, Brooks, Saucony should all be good to go for a UK XC Course.

What if i’m not super fast? 
It doesn’t matter! XC makes you STRONG LIKE OX. You’ll be a much better runner in Spring if you run the XC meets. There is a reason ALL the great athletes come from a XC background. Coe? Gebreselassie? Mo? Ron Hill? Radcliffe? Bedford? O’Sullivan? Kipchoge? All ran XC.

How much is it?
FREE! We pay for your entries for League races, Warwickshire, Midlands and National Races. It’s all included in your £35 per yr membership.

We like Bondage!
Sorry, I mean Bonding. XC is the best way for club members to bond. You form special bonds in the fields. It’s the Dunkirk spirit.

What about the Women’s Team?
We have our strongest Women’s team ever. But that shouldn’t rule out anyone, of any standard. Yes. We want to win races. But we also want to make you a better runner. Women of all standards have been flocking to XC leagues up and down the country. We want K&D women to experience the thrill, fun and silliness. Time to see why and pack out the team. Nobody is too slow for XC.  Women – Email  if you want to run the League races. If you want to run the Warwickshire/Midlands or National’s we’ll be posting about those later on… 

And the Men?
Relegation from Div. 1 was disappointing. But we put up a strong battle. This year our targets are two-fold:
1) Challenge for the title. We’re stronger now than when we got promoted. Torsten & Chris have set ambitious targets for us to really put down a marker and try to bring home a title.  
2) But Div. 2 is also more fun. We know numbers dropped off because lets face it, getting smashed by 100 19yr old’s in Div. 1 is a bit grinding if you aren’t Sharpey at the front. Div. 2 is way more social and welcoming to runners of all abilities. We want to be fielding 30 men for every race this year. Men – Email  if you want to run the League races. If you want to run the Warwickshire/Midlands or National’s we’ll be posting about those later on… 

Is there Beer?
Yes. After every league race we reconvene in the Drum & Monkey for beers and laughing at Rich Dixon spending every race calling Greg Turner ‘Gary’. Women get to drink a Lavender and Peppermint tea. Apart from Monica who downs Guiness (other drinks are available).

What about Day Trips?
You get to see lovely places like Cheltenham, Leamington, Stratford, Gloucester. We meet about 12 usually on a Sat and get home about 5pm.

And new this year we’ll be looking to schedule a minibus/coach to take as many athletes as we can to Leeds for The National. The best race of the year. Every year. Across all running events. 

Sat 10th Nov – Men’s & Women’s – League Fixture 1: Worcester/Coventry
Sat 1st  Dec – Men’s & Women’s – League Fixture 2: Stratford (Both)
Sat 5th Jan – Warwickshire XC Champs: Rugby
Sat 12th Jan – Men’s & Women’s – League Fixture 3: Leamington/Droitwich
Sat 26th Jan – Midlands XC Champs: Leamington
Sat 9th Feb –  Men’s & Women’s – League Fixture 4: Trentham/Gloucester
Sat 23rd Feb – The National XC Champs: Harewood House, Leeds

In the words of S Club 7: “There ain’t no party like a XC Party!”

Weekend Recap: Hull of an Improvement, Balsall Fun

Hull Marathon:

Pete Makepeace, not feeling great, ran 4:59:17 in London this year for 26.2 miles. A result he felt he should have ran faster than.  Fast forward a few months and he’s smashed it out the park, or KC Stadium in this case. Hull Marathon might have less glitz than London but for Pete Makepeace it’s going to be a golden memory as he had a dream run on Sunday. Pete ran 3:26:46. A massive 1 hour 32 minutes and 31 second improvement. MASSIVE. Pete’s worked incredibly hard over summer and has certainly made the most of his determination. Congrate Pete. Consider London avenged!

Balsall Common Fun Run:
With possible WRRL inclusion in the offing several K&D took the short hop over to Balsall Common to run their Fun Run. Jonathan Randell took the K&D honours, 6th overall, in 39:22 while Nicola Evans was first K&D woman in 51:51. K&D finished 3rd Team overall. 

PosNameNet TimeCat PosGenderGen Pos
6Jonathan Randell00:39:226Male6
21Adam O’Nions00:43:2321Male21
32Steve Armstrong00:44:1131Male31
40Lloyd Barton00:45:1339Male39
44Phil Wood00:46:0241Male41
89Nicola Evans00:51:5119Female19
109Nick Burke00:53:5782Male82

Brueton parkrun:
With many of the usual leaders off representing the club at the Road Relays it was left to Tim Price to carry the club round. The mountain man putting in a solid 19:11, leading Rob Mundy round to a new PB in 19:13. Not far behind was Anthony Dutton in 19:53. 

For our women Louise Bell ran a superb 23:28 for 2nd woman overall while Jude Mansfield and Kate Marsh battled it out running 24:16 and 24:41 over the 5k.

Gail Partridge knocked out a superb new PB as she ran 30:38 – joining Robert Mundy in PB Parlour.

Basildon Parkrun:
Simon Battson clocked a 24:48. A decent thyme in Basil-don.

Newent parkrun, Forest of Dean
The ridiculously long named parkrun saw the short named Steve Marks run 34:39.

Sutton parkrun:
Another one ticked off the Tomkinson bucket list as Kevin ran 27:41 with the buggy. Steve Armstrong also could be found in Sutton park on Saturday as he ran an excellent 22:27.

Relay Promising Results – Men’s 6 Stage

While our women went toe to toe with the big guns of Midlands running, our men were doing the same with similar, outstanding results. Once you account for the big guns with multiple squads, our men finished as the 19th best club in the Midlands. Another fantastic result to back up their spring 12 Stage relay results. 

The men’s A team was chocka with talent and backed up by a B team
 featuring a number of performances that will make competition fierce for the A team over the coming XC months!

Our B and C team’s performed with admirable speed and with a number of quality new recruits and runners returning to fitness it’ll be interesting to see how fast our men can go when they have green and gold pushing them on!

25  Knowle & Dorridge Rc           'A'  2:01:49
        Gareth Wainwright (40) 19:57
        Chris Morgan     (31) 20:19
        Chris Sharp      (25) 19:14
        C Thorley        (27) 21:28
        Jack Bristow     (25) 20:08
        R Michaelson Yeates (25) 20:43
69  Knowle & Dorridge Rc           'B'  2:18:29
        Paul Bentley     (85) 22:36
        Jonathon Bellman (72) 21:51
        Andrew Connors   (78) 24:32
        Gregory Turner   (84) 25:15
        Torsten Roesler  (74) 21:38
        Daniel Malone    (70) 22:37
Knowle & Dorridge Rc           'C' 
        Peter Austin     (103) 24:34
        Martin Dedicoat  (95) 23:39
        Phil Wood        (99) 26:08