Corona – All K&D Training Postponed Until Further Notice

As of Tuesday morning please note that all official K&D Training has been postponed until further notice.

The government is now advising that you avoid all but the most essential social contact. While not yet law we expect advice over the coming days to become more restrictive not less. Many of our members work in health & wellbeing with vulnerable patients and we see meeting as an unacceptable risk to our members, their families and those we work with (colleagues, clients and patients). Finally you can be infected but not showing symptoms. We cannot, in good conscience, advise you meet just on the basis that you feel ok on the day of the run.

We hope you will be understanding. As of Tuesday morning your run leaders will be stood down until further notice.

All club training will be cancelled until further notice.

Current guidance suggests exercising solo is ok as long as you are outside and haven’t experienced any symptoms for more than a week – be aware that heavy training can lower the immune system though. We advise you don’t push it.

The following sessions will be off until further notice:
Monday – Intervals
Tuesday – Sub-21 Intervals
Wed – Club Night
Thu – Sub 21 Track
Fri – Improvers
Sunday – Any club long runs

Make no mistake, this decision is made with a heavy heart for all committee members. But we are unanimous in both the severity of the situation we face and the need for these actions.

If parkrun continues, it is unlikely to (Update due Wed 18th), please think twice before attending until the situation improves. If you do please arrive late and leave immediately after completing your run.

The Arden 9 – Discussions will be held with Hampton-in-Arden Sports Club and a decision made on government advice/England Athletics advice. Any entries will be honoured for any postponement though (and we’ll let you swap entries if you can’t make a new date).

10th Year Gala – Again, discussions will be held with Hogarths and any postponement will see us happy to swap tickets if you can’t make a new date

AGM – We’ll consider best course of action and communicate with you as soon as possible

Decisions on The Arden 9 and 10th Year Gala will be made in due course and communicated clearly.

Speaking personally, I know the importance the club plays in people’s mental and physical wellbeing as much as anyone else. It breaks my heart to have to remove our training from your weekly schedules. For anyone who needs assistance please do speak to our Wellbeing Officer Katie Price ( ). Your comittee will be discussing ways for you to keep in touch virtually, we encourage you to make use of WhatsApp groups. If you want adding to any of those email

The next few months promise to be pretty torrid for society in general. Please don’t think this is just a bad flu. It isn’t. There are two articles I recommend reading (…not like you don’t have the time now!)

New York Times – Two Women Fell Sick

Why Outbreaks like Coronovirus Spread

Please do encourage family members, friends and other groups you might be a member of to do what they can to break the chains of transmission over the coming months. Keep it simple. Stay away. Inless you absolutely have no other choice.

If you want to ask me anything please email or find me on facebook/twitter. Or if you just miss my jokes.

Most importantly, please, do the right thing.

Knowle & Dorridge RC

The Virtual Arden Nein

Sadly Coronavirus called halt to this year’s K&D/Hampton-in-Arden Sports Club 9 mile party. So to honour our dearest German Torsten Roesler we’ll be hosting the first ever Virtual Arden Nein.

Run 9 Miles (or 14.48km) as fast as you can, on any route, between Thursday 18th June and Monday 22nd June.

Upload it to Strava.

Share it to our Virtual Arden Nein results page.

See how you compare to your club mates over our classically odd distance.

Open to members of Knowle & Dorridge RC.

For runners worried about tackling 9 miles – you can also split it into multiple runs if you don’t feel comfortable running 9 miles in one go. Just combine your times and include both links.

(Note: Any one happily capable of 9 miles (Greg) but deemed trying to fiddle the system (Greg) will get a +30 min ‘Greg’ bonus at the race director’s discretion (Greg))

There’s even an option of getting a finishers medal if you’re into your medals.

Results will include both first past the post and age grading.

Sign up by clicking below:

Competition Update – Design a New Club Logo

Huge thanks to everyone who has already entered our competition to design a new club logo – we have seen some amazing entries so far!

Since some schools are now back this week and we know that might get in the way of you perfecting your entries, we have extended the closing date to Sunday 7th June – giving you until the end of this weekend to make them awesome.

Here’s the original brief:

We are in the process of redeveloping the K&D website!

As part of the design we need a new club logo/crest and we want to tap into the brilliance and creativity of the club membership for this with a competition.

We would like you to send in your best club logo designs. We want to see as many fresh new ideas as possible. Families are welcome to get involved too.

These can be in any format you like, this can be a simple sketch or something more detailed, even a digital design.

The most awesome efforts will be rewarded with beer/wine or chocolate depending on the age or preference of the artist.

Please send your designs to by Friday 5th June Sunday 7th June!

Good luck!

Free K&D Online Training Session with Coalition Performance

9 weeks into lockdown and still no training session in sight! Has the biscuit drawer got the better of you? Perhaps you’ve written off the Summer already and thoughts of “I’ll start training again in September” have started to creep in?

Well: help is at hand!! 

Dave Cripps, founder of one of the best private gyms in the area, has offered to run a FREE Zoom Session for all K&D members on Thursday 11th June at 19:30 and all you have to do is sign in and watch!!!

Yes, honestly – you can take part with or without your video and sound on, or just sit down and be inspired, motivated and led by Dave for an hour!

Coalition Performance is the most experienced and professional physical performance training service, aimed at helping determined, driven and aspiring athletes and individuals, in and around Solihull, achieve major personal goals, through physical training.

Dave says:
“My true passion is to provide exceptional coaching expertise and physical training, in a genuinely motivating way, to those willing to truly commit to working hard, consistently, to achieve exceptional results.”

Look out for the joining instructions during the week beginning 8th June.

If you would like more information please contact

K&D members help raise nearly £30,000 for NHS charities

All nine of the K&D runners who took on the Moors 4’s charity challenge completed the 6 runs of 4 miles every 4 hours, to run a total of 24 miles over 24 hours.

Spurred on by the incredible generosity of donors, every 4 hours they dragged themselves out of bed/off the couch to run another 4 miles as fatigue and tiredness became real handicaps to putting one foot in front of another. Special mention goes to Tim Price who, despite suffering a painful back injury on only the second (4 am) run, refused to throw the towel in and walked for over an hour each time to complete the challenge.

WhattsApp came into it’s own as over 50 runners came together every 4 hours to post pictures and videos as they set off/returned from the latest run, some buoyant, some clearly struggling with exhaustion, but all united in a common cause seeing the JustGiving Total growing rapidly as the challenge progressed. It was all very inspiring and a bit emotional seeing some of the non-runners stepping hugely outside their comfort zone for the cause.

Eventually at 8pm it was time for the last run and miles 20 – 24. By now nearly everyone was hurting in some way either mentally, physically or both! But as the total passed the £20,000 mark everyone dug in with one last effort and got the job done.

A great event and a great cause. Every K&D runner who took part loved it (including Tim!) and all had tales to tell of passing like ships in the night, headlights bobbing, at midnight and 4am in the morning. For the record Chris Thorley clocked the fastest cumulative time in an impressive 2 hours 43 minutes for the 24 miles.

The runners would like to express their gratitude for all the wonderful donations and good luck messages received from K&D members which helped so much to keep them going and boost the total raised. Some of the NHS projects benefiting directly from the funds raised include computer tablets for patients in isolation to communicate with loved ones, kit for ‘Wobble Rooms’ where staff can rest and relax during busy and stressful shifts, and to fund games and activities for young patients in mental health wards adversely affected by increased isolation due to Coronavirus restrictions.

Thank you all for your support and well done everyone.

Feed Birmingham Update #Week 3

Hi All,

Well we have had two weeks of tremendous contributions to the K&D Feed Birmingham drive. Many thanks to all who have donated and to those K&D Members who have volunteered to collect and deliver those donations to the Church.

We are now asking for one final push on week 3. All donations will be gratefully received and below is a reminder of who and where you can drop off contributions to. I understand that Feed Birmingham will still be continuing to help distribute food and essential items to those in need so if you would like to help please contact Dan Mayes.

Many thanks



Thank you for your amazing response to the post on Sunday 10th May, we have six willing families that will act as food collection points during this crisis in May. If you and your neighbours have food that you want to donate please deliver the food to any of the collection points below between 6-9pm on every Wednesday/ Thursday during May.

There is a great need for non-perishable foods (tinned or long-life), nappies, baby milk, empty egg boxes, plastic bags and toiletries.

Food Collection Points are as follows:

Andrew & Sarah Connors 122 Dorridge Road, Dorridge, B93 8BN

Daniel Mayes 9 Balkwill Crescent, Knowle, B93 0FH

Jane Evans 82 Silhill Hall Road, Solihull B91 1JS

Michelle Rayner, 20 Fentham Road, Hampton In Arden B92 0BB

Richard Beale, 1 Portway Close, Solihull, B91 3LW

Tracy Davies 219 Station Road, Knowle, B93 0PU

If you are collecting from neighbours and delivering to the food collection points above you can use the poster in the attached link There are also some posters for children (and adults) to colour in

Please spread the word with your friends, families and social networks. Thank you so much for your contributions throughout May. #feedbirmingham #BrumTogether

If you have any questions or would like to get more involved please contact Dan Mayes on 07921 576097.