Weekend Recap: Garmin? More like Polar

With ice causing cancellations at Brueton and Oaklands we find results scattered on Saturday. In no particular order:

Coventry parkrun:
Jon Beech was sent to Coventry in search of action and got twenty-four minutes and fifty seconds worth.

Cannon Hill parkrun:
Big numbers at Cannon Hill, 996 runners, falling just short of the thousand count. A family affair saw Gareth Wainwright run 17:28 and Ainsley running 19:45. Brian Corr became an honourary Wainwright for the day running 22:29.

Telford Parkrun:
A first K&D appearance for newbies Kyle Jones and Joy Blud who joined this week. Straight into action and Kyle clocked 20:54 while Joy earned her stripes in 26:35.

Kingsbury Water parkrun:
Stevve Armstrong and Pete Makepeace rocked up at flood prone but ice-proof(ish) Kingsbury. Steve ran 21:35 and Pete stopped the watch in 30:02.

Hasenheide parkrun:
Nicky Evans and Mark Gale enjoyed a Berlin break and a potter round Hasenheide parkrun. Enjoy the sneaky hill? Nicky ran 27:01 and Mark Gale got done in a sprint as he ran 27:06.

South Woodham Ferrers parkrun:
Simon Battson ran 25:26 near Chelmsford, Essex. No word on when he will be appearing in TOWIE.

Foots Cray parkrun
Going cray cray, like Beyonce, at Foots Cray was Ian Maidment who ran 29:01.

Babbs Mill parkrun:
With Brueton off, Babbs Mill was the place to be. Gary Polhill ran 17:31 despite some slippy sections, David Carbutt finised in 19:39. Gareth Lloyd (25:43), Nigel Foster (26:23 and Neil Letham (27:27) joined in the fun. Victoria Cook was first (and only but shhh!) K&D lady in 28:05 while Steve Marks ran 34:10.

Warwick Racecourse parkrun:
Event 14 saw two K&D as Lloyd Barton and Natalie Callinan were just over 60 seconds apart. Lloyd ran 20:52 while Natalie clocked 21:58.

East Park parkrun:
The opposite to West Park parkrun. Kevin Tomkinson ran 26:28 to clock off another parkrun while Alison Giblin wasn’t far behind in 33:47.

Happy K&D 10th Anniversary

As far as we can tell, this week’s Wednesday Club Run marks 10 years of K&D. From a small troop of friends meeting for a run the club has grown to a remarkable club of 260 runners of all abilities.

To everyone who has donned the Green and Gold over the last 10 years – THANK YOU. You have done the club proud no matter how long or short your stint.

We now have over 260 members of all abilities. But most importantly we continue to build a better community, improve physical and mental health, raise funds for charitable causes and be a force for positivity in an often otherwise world.

From beginners, to the fastest of the fast, the family feeling of K&D continues to feed a goodness within the people who’s lives we are able to contribute to. Thank you for your contributions over the last decade to such a life-changing project.

We wonder if those pictured in the first ever K&D photo below knew what they were starting? Thank you to the pioneers. Some of you have come and some have gone. Some of you are lifers.

We’ve had K&D weddings and K&D Kids (no not Joe Read and Jack Bristow, they’re actually in their mid-20’s). Whole families have formed K&D Dynasties (Hello The K&D Collins’). We’ve saved lives, literally and figuratively. We’ve ran a bit too. But most important we’ve continued that community spirit that the pioneers established the club with.

To the next Green and Gold decade!

Registered Membership Growth:

We’re currently on target for 260+ in 2019/20

Pioneers – The Registered Athletes from 2010/11


Midland Women’s XC League: K&D Continue to Shine

A superb performance by K&D’s men was matched by our County Silver Medal winning Women’s Team. K&D Women once again turned out en masse and delivered a real scare to the biggest clubs in the midlands. Take out the Universities who have huge advantages and our Women are taking on Birchfield and BRAT toe-to-toe. The fact Birchfield had to draft in Hayley Carruthers to stay ahead of K&D women speaks volumes! Without her it would have been a tie.

The Champ – Jane Evans (as seen in this week’s Solihull Observer) led the line against a strong University line up finishing 7th overall and 1st Master. She was superbly backed up in the points scoring by Rocket Rachel Gifford (14th) while newbie Izzy Davis (35th) and Flick Sharp (40th) had an epic battle for third counter.

There were strong runs from XC expert Monica (74th) and a rejuvinated Rosie Marsh (76th) while Kerry Thompson (84th) continued her progress.

Behind them Kathryn Bird (98th) battled Natalie Callinan (99th) who continues to impress on her return to K&D. Adeba Jama continues her development in 111th along with Nicky Evans (112th). Karen Ratcliffe (123rd) and Sandra Boot (125th) battled it out in a duel to the muddy-death. While Linda Whitehead (132nd) managed to go 3/4 of the season without breaking any bones – which is a relief!

With so many close inter-club battles it was no suprise that team work and competition pushed our women to incredible performances. Special thanks go to our volunteers including Amanda Crees who stepped in the help the league last minute and the preggers Jess Woolley.

7Jane Evans00:27:40
14Rachel Gifford00:28:32
35Isabel Davis00:30:25
40Felicity Sharp00:30:37
74Monica Green00:33:04
76Rosie Marsh00:33:12
84Kerry Thompson00:34:21
98Kathryn Bird00:36:10
99Natalie Callinan00:36:32
111Adeba Jama00:38:11
112Nicola Evans00:38:40
123Karen Ratcliffe00:41:17
125Sandra Boot00:41:51
132Linda Whitehead00:45:02

Men’s B’ham Div 1 XC: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room straight off. Yes. We may have let Greg Turner give us the postcode for the race in Habib’s car. And, again, Yes. Instead of the race venue we may have, for a short time, found ourselves parked not at a field full of runners. We may have in fact found ourselves parked outside the race directors lovely home around 2 miles away. In some ways, I suppose and on reflection it may be our own fault for letting Greg provide the postcode. As we know Greg.

Anyway. On to what was probably the strongest K&D Cross Country line up ever fielded. An array of talent on display the delivered with gusto. While other clubs may have one or two 14 or 15 minute 5k’ers, the strength of K&D between 16 and 20 minutes is absurd. K&D’s men sit a superb 11th after 3 rounds, well clear of relegation battles and looking up the table. We’ve never been so strong and so well placed in the hyper competitive Divsion 1.

Over a rolling course with sloppy mud and grinding long inclines Chris Sharp let a super-six. Chris finished 33rd overall. Backed up by Rob Michaelson-Yeats in 68th. With the Uni’s using this as BUCS trials and warm ups Uni student numbers were up. Gareth Wainwright still finished a super 74th. High numbers of teenagers wearing Alice bands (just don’t) didn’t stop Chris Morgan, happy as ever to be in shorts and a vest in January, finishing an excellent 86th. From here on in is where the teamwork counts. Gary Polhill was 91st and Steve Whatmore, on his debut, ran a super race to finish 127th.

Our B team backed up the A squad superbly as Torsten Roesler (147th), Tim Price (150th), Nick Woolley (151st), debutant Habib Farazmand (154th), Dave Carbutt (158th) and Richard Dixon (162nd) all packed superbly.

Rob Mundy (165th) again showed great form, meanwhile almost all our runners once again added points to the other team’s totals. K&D men are just one league match away from a record breaking season.

Full Results:
Chris Sharp – 33rd (34:31)
Rob Michaelson-Yeates – 68th (36:08)
Gareth Wainwright – 74th (36:32)
Chris Morgan – 86th (36:53)
Gary Polhill – 91st (37:14)
Steve Whatmore – 126th (38:55)
Torsten Roesler – 147th (39:42)
Tim Price – 150th (39:47)
Nick Woolley – 151st (39:51)
Habib Farazmand – 154th (40:00)
Dave Carbutt – 158th (40:15)
Richard Dixon – (40:25)
Rob Mundy – 165th (40:30)
Darren John – 180th (41:40)
Paul Baker – 191st (42:04)
Greg Turner – 199th (42:46)
Paul Bentley – 209th (43:44)
Andrew Connors – 222nd (45:32)
Phil Wood – 231st (46:27)
Ian Voaden – 238th (47:08)
Stephen Ray – 246th (49:23)