K&D Cross Country Guide 2019/20

It’s almost time for the best part of the year! XC.

Cross Country and buying spikes can be a bit daunting so here is your guide:

Do I have to run through the mud?
Well we encourage it to make you better runners but we do also have a need for at least 1 male and 1 female volunteer for the four league races. So if you’re free on Sat Afternoons of 9th Nov, 7th Dec, 11th Jan or 8th Feb please do make yourself known and we’ll buy you a drink after. We forfeit 200 points if we fail to provide a volunteer and nobody wants to be relegated through a lack of volunteer doing an easy job like funnel shoosher-along-er.

What do I need?
6 Spikes – Don’t go for a pair of spikes with only 4 spaces for spikes. They’re fine for softie-USA courses but won’t be much use in the UK in Feb. Unless you like lying face down in the mud.

Can I run in road/trail shoes?
Mostly, no. I mean you can, but you’ll fall over lots. Get some spikes, they look cool, make your feet (at least) look like a professional and feel >>>FAST>>>.

How much should I spend?
£20-£50 is usually ok.

Where to shop?
Birmingham Runner obvs. Don’t forget your discounts!
Also we love Start Fitness for an excellent range of spikes.

What Brands Should I Trust?
Don’t bother with Nike. Their XC spikes are usually built for USA courses.
Adidas, Brooks, Saucony should all be good to go for a UK XC Course.

What if i’m not super fast? 
It doesn’t matter! XC makes you STRONG LIKE OX. You’ll be a much better runner in Spring if you run the XC meets. There is a reason ALL the great athletes come from a XC background. Seb Coe? Haile Gebreselassie? Mo Farah? Ron Hill? Paula Radcliffe? Dave Bedford? Ronnie O’Sullivan? Eliud Kipchoge? All ran XC.

How much is it?
FREE! We pay for your entries for Four League races, Warwickshire, Midlands and National Races as well as Cross Country relays. It’s all included in your £38 per yr membership.

We like Bondage!
Sorry, I mean Bonding. XC is the best way for club members to bond. You form special bonds in the fields. It’s the Dunkirk spirit.

What about the Women’s Team?
We have a superb Women’s team. Reigning Div. 2 Dominators. Now taking on the might of Div. 1. But that shouldn’t rule out anyone, of any standard. Yes. We want to win races. But we also want to make you a better runner. Women of all standards have been flocking to XC leagues up and down the country. We want K&D women to experience the thrill, fun and silliness. Time to see why and pack out the team. Nobody is too slow for XC.  Women – Email rosiegmarsh@googlemail.com  if you want to run the League races. If you want to run the Warwickshire/Midlands or National’s we’ll be posting about those later on… 

And the Men?
Back in the big time of Division 1. This year our targets are two-fold:
1) Staying up. Because nobody likes being relegated. Except Baggies fans.
2) Fielding our strongest Men’s teams – Strength in depth is great… as long as we’re getting our squad out into battle. – Email  csharpuk@hotmail.com  if you want to run the League races. If you want to run the Warwickshire/Midlands or National’s we’ll be posting about those later on… 

Is there Beer?
Yes. After every league race we reconvene in the Drum & Monkey for beers and laughing at Rich Dixon spending every race calling Greg Turner ‘Gary’. Women get to drink a Lavender and Peppermint tea. Apart from Monica who downs Guiness (other drinks are available).

What about Day Trips?
You get to see lovely places like Stoke, Leamington, Stratford, Gloucester. We meet about 12 usually on a Sat and get home about 5pm.

And repeating this year we’ll be bringing back the K&D Party Bus to take as many athletes as we can to Nottingham for The National. The best race of the year. Every year. Across all running events. 

Sat 19th Oct – Midland XC Relays – Wolverhampton
Sat 9th Nov – Men’s & Women’s – League Fixture 1: Worcester/ Burton Dassett
Sat 7th  Dec – Men’s & Women’s – League Fixture 2: Stoke/Burton Dassett Sat 4th Jan – Warwickshire XC Champs: Droitwich
Sat 11th Jan – Men’s & Women’s – League Fixture 3: Northampton/Stratford-upon-Avon
Sat 26th Jan – Midlands XC Champs: Loughborough
Sat 8th Feb –  Men’s & Women’s – League Fixture 4: Leamington/TBC
Sat 23rd Feb – The National XC Champs: Wollatton Hall, Nottingham

In the words of S Club 7: “There ain’t no party like a XC Party!”

Weekend Recap: Not the Birmingham Half

Well. That was… different? A security threat near Cannon Hill park caused a last minute reroute and aa 17.75km course. Frustrating for anyone in PB shape, aiming for a time or doing their first half – but the right choice for everyone’s safety. Even if the suspicious vehicle was later cleared as safe.

With no idea how far we’d be running, it added a layer of chaotic fun to the event as people enjoyed the opportunity to race and not worry about time trialling.

It certainly didn’t hinder Gareth Wainwright, Chris Morgan and George de Bolla who all finished high up the field. Gareth ran a super 1:01:45 to finish 20th overall while Chris Morgan’s 1:02:40 was 32nd best and George just missed out on a top-50 place with 1:05:58. The picture of Gareth above shows him hanging out with the cool kids.

Zammie Williamson was the first lady for K&D with a 1:29:15. She and Caroline Park put together a titanic tussle as Zammie just edged Caroline’s 1:30:27. Nicky Evans, in 1:32:47 almost crashed the Caroline and Zammie battle but couldn’t quite reel they in despite an excellent run herself.

We hope what was a slightly weird day has left you hungry to smash those PB’s though. Well done for taking the changes in good spirits and still delivering some excellent results.

Full Results:

Gareth Wainwright2001:01:45Richard Lisiecki255901:34:20
Chris Morgan3201:02:40Kate Marsh256701:34:23
George De Bolla5301:05:58Mike Mcdonald272401:35:18
Darren John8201:08:01Chris Wellings290001:36:19
Paul Bentley17401:11:51Kathryn Bird322801:38:08
Ainsley Wainwright17701:11:57Graham Edwards328701:38:31
Simon Smith20101:12:51Anna Wilson331101:38:38
Rob Ambrose25501:13:50Paul Winwood334801:38:51
Stuart Lee Male29901:14:40Janice Lisiecki376201:41:34
Joshua Hartle38001:16:11Christine Yarnell382001:41:57
Adam O’Nions75401:21:26Darryl Wilkes392701:42:45
James Hillier97801:23:09Victoria Cook393201:42:47
Simon Franks98201:23:13Robert Taylor432401:45:06
Gary Welsh110701:24:19Caroline Edwards455901:46:40
Zammie Williamson173901:29:15Katie Price470201:47:43
Caroline Park193801:30:27Rosie Vetter470501:47:45
Marc Bozdogan203701:31:02Surinder Badhan508301:50:19
Nicola Evans230401:32:47Isabel Collins607101:58:57
Mark Gale230501:32:47Smita Deshpande646702:03:21
Kay Adenipekun243101:33:34Indra Jenking689502:10:04

Brueton parkrun:
There is a massive fight brewing between Habib Farazmand and Danny Malone to be the next K&D Man to go sub 18 minutes at Brueton. Habib has been peppering the 18 minute barrier for several weeks now (18:03/18:04/18:04) while Danny, a relatively rare parkrunner showed off his recent improvements with an 18:05. While the sensible money is on Habib – if Danny can shake baby duties to clock a couple more parkrun’s soon it could be a close, close call.

Both men battled out behind Gareth Wainwright who is now making sub-17 the norm. 16:52 this week as Habib’s 18:04 and Danny’s 18:05 (PB) backed G-Man up,

Rosie Marsh notched another First Woman counter as she crossed the line in 21:46 – ahead of any other woman. Bosh! Her quickest time yet on recovery. Just behind in 2nd was Louise Bell who ran 22:45 and Jane Hunt who’s 23:24 made it a K&D 1 to 3 of podium places.

Congratulations go to Oxana Hafeez who joined the 100 club.

Basildon parkrun:
Simon Battson battered Basildon parkrun in 25:02

Torbay Veloparkrun:
Torbay ex-pat and Devon correspondent David John ran 29:37

Moors Valley:
Kevin Tomkinson clocked a buggy pushing 26:17

Ballincolig parkrun:
Irish Correspondent Riina Kuuselo ran a swift 19:49

Fairview parkrun:
Anthony didn’t had a fair view of the field as they were all behind him bar three party-poopers. He stormed round for 4th place in 19:41.

Hasenheide parkrun:
A couple of weeks after Darren and David John ran Berlin’s parkrun up popped Subhash Agarwalla to run 30:05 – he goes ahead of David John in the K&D Hasenheide parkrun rankings (Ha! – Chairman)

Dishley parkrun:
Ian Maidment took a trip to Loughborough to run 28:34

Babbs Mill parkrun:
4 of the finest athletes known to the Solihull-ish area popped up in Babbs Mill as Phil Wood should he could in 22:05, Victoria Cook-ed up a great run in 27:36 and the Maggs-nificent duo of Claire and Darren Maggs skipped round in 27:46 and 29:42. Claire scoring one for the girls as she trounced her hubster Darren.

London Marathon 2020 Club Ballot

The last chance saloon. Snubbed by GFA changes? Rejected for the 8th yr in a row via the ballot? Well we have one last opportunity to run London Marathon. As a club we get a number of guaranteed entries depending on the number registered members with England Athletics. We have 2 as of writing, if we hit 251 members we’ll have 3 places. So if you haven’t paid yet please do email the club asap kdrunningclub@gmail.com and we’ll get you sorted


That you have been a member of K&D RC since before April 2019.

That you have not run the marathon via the K&D club ballot for the Marathon in 2017, 2018 or 2019.

To promptly pay the entry fee for one place in the Virgin Money London Marathon

To notify the club immediately of any decison not run so that entry can be transferred before the registration cut off

That your club subs be paid and up to date for this season 

The deadline for entries is 31st October 2019.

The Draw:

The draw will take place on a Wednesday in November (tbc) at K&D Club Headquaters before training.

The draw will be done infront of club members and with randomly selected drawers.

Any problems with the entry process please contact darrenbjohn@gmail.com

Click Submit to confirm your entry:

Weekend Recap: Nessie Hunts, Ray L’otta PB’s

Loch Ness Marathon:
Paul Winwood, Mike McDonald, John Garside and Adam O’Nions, The Four Nessie Hunters of the Apocolypse went on a ramble in search of the mythical beast.

Expedition scout John Garside stormed round in 4:14:31 while the favourite explorer of housewives everywhere (sorry Ben Fogle) Paul Winwood clocked a super 4:39:19 along the scenic route. Searching by surname in a scottish marathon is a pain when you’re looking for McDonald. Mike’s 4:43:54 did his clansmen and clanswomen proud. Adam O’Nions took the shorter 10k event head on and his 44:18 meant he had plenty of time to get the post-event beers in.

Bournemouth Marathon:
Michael Williamson did the honours at the last Bournemouth Marathon. The event reverting to 5K, 10k and Half Marathon only next year. He crowned the end with a 3:09:38 to finish 63rd overall and 10th on the K&D 2019 rankings.

Brueton parkrun:
Killer Kathy led our ladies round at Brueton on Saturday. Her 23:53 saw her lead our pack as Victoria Cook ran 26:21 and Sandra Boot managed to stop, pick up her stray bag, put it safely to the side AND still PB in 26:33.

Gareth Wainwright continued his good form as he took the first finisher token in another sub-17. His 16:42 led round Habib Farazmand who continued to pepper the 18 min barrier with an 18:04 and Darren John who took it easy Post-Berlin with an 18:59.

Stephen Ray’s scored a lotta PB’s – 3 in 3 weeks. He is indeed a Goodfella – and has a nice juicey 20:51 personal best – not bad for a man still coming back from knee surgery not too long ago. Sophia Alexandra Harrison scored another PB with a 39:04 – while Sandra Boot clocked a superb 26:33 PB. Germany has been treating Kay Adenipekun well as he ran a course PB of 22:38.

Stratford-upon-Avon parkrun
Lashings of Custard for Chris Morgan and Flick Sharp as the Morgan’s and Sharps hit Stratford’s infamous pudding club for the evening. Powered by and extra helping of Chris Sharp’s Spotted Dick Flick ran a superb new PB of 19:07. Chris Morgan did the pacing duties as he enjoyed leaving Flick with jelly legs while Chris Sharp watched the kids. Is that enough pudding innuendo yet? No doubt everyone celebrated with a bit of Roly Poly.

Inverness parkrun:
A little pre-Loch Ness leg stretcher for Adam O’nions and John Garside; Adam ran 22:13 and John clocked 24:08. Both men were beaten by Morag Murray. Who is the most Scottish-named woman that ever lived.

Longrun Meadow parkrun:
Another sub-17:30 for George De Bolla who’s 17:28 was a short run at Longrun.

Conwy parkrun:
Fun Fact: Frances Ramsden is not actually the Harry Ramsden’s Fish & Chip shop heiress. She did run 29:16 though.

Chasewater parkrun
Giblin and Tomkinson continued their parkrun tours as Kev T ran 26:35 and Alison G finished in 30:43.

Babbs Mill parkrun:
A change of course has happened at Babbs Mill as the venue settles in. Phil Wood wasn’t slowed down though as he clocked 21:53. Kate Marsh ran 23:24, Ian Maidment finished in 27:14, Tanya Cronin stopped the clock at 35:02 and Darren Maggs tail walked in 1:01:32.