Corona – All K&D Training Postponed Until Further Notice

As of Tuesday morning please note that all official K&D Training has been postponed until further notice.

The government is now advising that you avoid all but the most essential social contact. While not yet law we expect advice over the coming days to become more restrictive not less. Many of our members work in health & wellbeing with vulnerable patients and we see meeting as an unacceptable risk to our members, their families and those we work with (colleagues, clients and patients). Finally you can be infected but not showing symptoms. We cannot, in good conscience, advise you meet just on the basis that you feel ok on the day of the run.

We hope you will be understanding. As of Tuesday morning your run leaders will be stood down until further notice.

All club training will be cancelled until further notice.

Current guidance suggests exercising solo is ok as long as you are outside and haven’t experienced any symptoms for more than a week – be aware that heavy training can lower the immune system though. We advise you don’t push it.

The following sessions will be off until further notice:
Monday – Intervals
Tuesday – Sub-21 Intervals
Wed – Club Night
Thu – Sub 21 Track
Fri – Improvers
Sunday – Any club long runs

Make no mistake, this decision is made with a heavy heart for all committee members. But we are unanimous in both the severity of the situation we face and the need for these actions.

If parkrun continues, it is unlikely to (Update due Wed 18th), please think twice before attending until the situation improves. If you do please arrive late and leave immediately after completing your run.

The Arden 9 – Discussions will be held with Hampton-in-Arden Sports Club and a decision made on government advice/England Athletics advice. Any entries will be honoured for any postponement though (and we’ll let you swap entries if you can’t make a new date).

10th Year Gala – Again, discussions will be held with Hogarths and any postponement will see us happy to swap tickets if you can’t make a new date

AGM – We’ll consider best course of action and communicate with you as soon as possible

Decisions on The Arden 9 and 10th Year Gala will be made in due course and communicated clearly.

Speaking personally, I know the importance the club plays in people’s mental and physical wellbeing as much as anyone else. It breaks my heart to have to remove our training from your weekly schedules. For anyone who needs assistance please do speak to our Wellbeing Officer Katie Price ( ). Your comittee will be discussing ways for you to keep in touch virtually, we encourage you to make use of WhatsApp groups. If you want adding to any of those email

The next few months promise to be pretty torrid for society in general. Please don’t think this is just a bad flu. It isn’t. There are two articles I recommend reading (…not like you don’t have the time now!)

New York Times – Two Women Fell Sick

Why Outbreaks like Coronovirus Spread

Please do encourage family members, friends and other groups you might be a member of to do what they can to break the chains of transmission over the coming months. Keep it simple. Stay away. Inless you absolutely have no other choice.

If you want to ask me anything please email or find me on facebook/twitter. Or if you just miss my jokes.

Most importantly, please, do the right thing.

Knowle & Dorridge RC

National Virtual Road Relays – Sat 4th April

Keen for a leg stretcher? Sat 4th April see’s the first ever Virtual National Road Relays

You just need to run 5k SOLO on the Saturday

Upload it to STRAVA with the title’s
Men: ‘Virtual 12 Stage National Champs’
Women: Virtual 6 Stage National Champs’

Take a screenshot & send the link for the run to

Open to ANY club member

Unbreakable: The Western States 100 Documentary

Bored yet? You’re currently either embracing your inner Homer, living like a professional athlete or wracked with anxiety and boarding up the windows…

Luckily ‘Unbreakable – The Western States 100’ has been made free to watch on YouTube. The incredible 2010 race was followed from start to finish, looks at the origins of the iconic 100mile race and explores the very different personalities that take on and excel at such an incredible distance. Also features a 22 years old Kilian Jornet wearing an all white outfit that must make him cringe deep in his soul.


A Message from Your Welfare Officer

As the clubs Wellbeing Officer I thought I would reach out to you all at this challenging time.

Firstly I’d like to say thank you to all our members that are classed as ‘Key Workers’, from our doctors, emergency services to our Supermarket staff or Educators (whatever your role) thank you for doing your amazing jobs and keep safe.

Then to our members, many of us run because it helps keep our mental health on the right track, it helps us socialise, develop friendships as well as keeping fit. This time we are in is challenging those factors and we are having to think outside of the box to manage. Some may be living alone and can’t get out to see others, some may be financially in difficulties because this is affecting our jobs, some may be becoming overwhelmed by the stories alerts we are seeing or struggling because routines are changing and putting us out of sorts. As your wellbeing officer contact me and we can work on finding solutions together in a confidential and safe way.

We have all being instructed to run alone or in pairs only. For some this may be a challenge but I guess this is a short term challenge. but that is better than having some members not return in a few weeks/months. Be inventive, set each other challenges. If you’re not on a what’s app group message me and we can start a new one together. Could the admin of other groups even open up to other members. We can chat and challenge this way.

Set yourself new activities whilst stuck at home. So far my family have decorated, done jobs that we have been putting of for months, got jigsaws out and done them again, and the suns out today so we’re of out in the garden.

If you are isolating and need groceries, message the club and we can organise someone to help you out (not me I’m afraid as we are too).
I know some of you are sad having trained all winter for a long race and it’s now been delayed or cancelled. There will be other races and see the training you have done as a benchmark to spend the upcoming months to improve on what you’ve done so far.

Most of all, is this lack of running time to spend with your loved ones (where you can) who put up with us every week going of with our running friends and getting miles in when we could be with them, do things you done normally get time to do because your running and just enjoy them.

Remember, you can message me on if you need advise or to chat. Let’s keep supporting each other electronically as we can’t in person

Your No Group Running Reminder

Consider this your “friendly” reminder that ALL group running is off.

This is your very clear guidance:

You can run solo. Running with one other person, if neither of you have symptoms is ok as long as you keep a couple of meters apart.

Under no circumstances should you be running in groups of 3 or more.

Doing so puts the club in a very bad position. More importantly though it risks your health and it risks the health of others.

We can’t stress in strong enough terms that 3 or more is not acceptable. At K&D we thrive because we take responsibility, we work hard, and we do so with the strongest moral compass. Running in groups of 3 or more right now is not acceptable, it is the antithesis of the K&D way.

As Chair, I have had very, very mild Corona symptoms all week. I will be appalled with any K&D runner who unnecessarily risks infecting people with this. I’ve been wiped out for a week. And I’m very, very lucky to have had such mild symptoms of breathlessness, fever, headaches, exhaustion, muscle soreness, tight chest and high heart rate.

Your committee stresses that flaunting this guidance will, if necessary, lead to disciplinary action in accordance with the constitution. We are relying on you to step up. If you see people ignoring this guidance, we will back up any club member that speaks up, or informs the committee in confidence. Rarely is an issue life or death in running. But this is and we, as a club and committee, intend to treat any breaches of this guidance with the seriousness it deserves.

Coronavirus Update – AGM, Gala, Arden 9

Last night K&D Committee had a meeting to discuss pressing matters. Minutes will be posted in due course but we wanted to update you with a brief note on where we are; to let you know training might be off but we’re working behind the scenes to put our ducks in a row where needed. Your committee will ensure that when we meet again we’ll be in the best shape possible to support you and our community.

AGM: We obviously can’t have 100 of you in a room for 2 hours in April. We are discussing formats and structure. We are looking at online solutions among other answers in order to ensure the smooth running and handovers. We hope, in the extraordinary circumstances, you will bear with us while we do what we can. We will keep you fully briefed.

Gala: Ticket sales for the Gala have been paused while we speak to Hogarth’s. Cancellation on our part will incur a large fee however we are looking at all options with Hogarths. Hogarths of course may be forced to close doors to events before any decisions are made. We will act as quickly as we can and update you immediately.

Arden 9: We have sadly had to cancel this year’s Arden 9 in the interests of your safety. If you had already entered you should have an email. If you haven’t received it email the club and we’ll go through refund/carry over options with you.

Our Promise to You:

We as a committee will not let you down during this period of profound difficulty. We will support you through as a family, and we will return faster, stronger, and closer knit that ever. You may be self-isolating but you are not alone. Please reach out to your green and gold community. Your committee, your friends, your team mates will all be there for you however we can.

Best always,
Knowle & Dorridge RC Committee