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Is running 3 miles in 5-6 weeks achievable?

Yes. This course has been designed by professional coach. It does require commitment from you to complete the sessions each week taking in the rest days in between to allow your body to recover.

What if I miss a session?

Don’t worry too much about missing a session.  The important thing is not to be doing all sessions in a row as you may do if you try and squeeze in a missed one, the rest days in between are just as important.

What if I can’t keep up?

Don’t worry about keeping up in the group sessions. There will be a mix of abilities and nobody will be left behind, the speed will be a jog not a sprint. The whole aim is to enjoy the process and to make you want to continue after the Initial 5-6 week schedule. If an extra walk break is really needed then take it rather than thinking that you can’t do it. Slow progression is the key to achieving continuous running.

What should I wear?

Wear loose comfortable clothing, if you have gym attire that will be fine as will tracksuit bottoms to start off with. You will find you warm up as the sessions intensify so it is better to have several light layers that you can remove. Gloves and a hat or headband to keep your ears warm are also useful. For the ladies a sports bra is a key piece of equipment to invest in but don’t rush out to buy specific running gear just yet, though if you feel you want to treat yourselves Sports Direct have a good range of basic tights, tops and jackets.

For your feet you will need a supportive trainer, if you currently have gym ones these should be ok to start with. Pump type shoes are not suitable. Once you feel the need to purchase some running shoes it is recommended you have your gait checked to ensure you buy the right type of shoes. The nearest place that does this is Helix Sports in Dorridge or Real Buzz in Shirley. Shoes there are more expensive so if you wanted to spend less again you could try Sports Direct or other sports retailers.

I work all day, is it safe to run in the evening?

When out exercising in the evening always wear something Hi Viz such as a vest. Always tell family or friends where you are heading and when to expect you back, carry your phone if you can in a bum bag or pocket. Carry a torch if your area is not well lit and never trust a motorist, you may think they are giving way, but they may not have seen you.

Should I change my diet?

When you start exercising more you may feel more hungry. If you are looking to lose weight don’t start any fad diet along with the running, one thing alone is enough to be doing. Try and eat healthily, plenty of fruit and vegetables, Starchy foods such as brown rice, wholemeal bread, potatoes and pasta and lean protein such as fish and chicken. There is nothing wrong with having a treat such as cake or a glass of wine but try and moderate these. You should find with sensible eating and expending more energy from exercise you start to feel trimmer and fitter.

Try not to eat a big meal before going for a run, good snacks to keep you going are fruit (fresh or dried), ½ a toasted bagel with peanut butter, yogurt, cereal Bars (watch for lots of sugar).