The Committee of Knowle and Dorridge Running Club meets at least six times a year. Dates for Committee meetings are published on the Club Calender.

The Committee will always be happy to hear from members who have ideas and suggestions about how we can improve our Club. You will find that Committee members are at most Club nights and runs. Alternatively, you can contact the Club Officials via email at

Darren John
Member since October 2014. Serves as Chairperson and Web-Gopher. Races a ridiculous amount and is famous for fracturing his hip on Longdon road during the Knowle Fun Run. Complete stats geek and running obsessive.
Jo Tork
Jo does all the boring stuff like minutes and entering you in races and leagues. Secretary keeps everything ticking behind the scenes. Basically holds everything together.
Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell
Membership Secretary
Shy and retiring. Ann has been a member since... probably forever. She is very upset when you don't pay your membership fees on time in April. Why would you want to make her sad? Why? WHY? Firm believer in the power of post-run cake.
Torsten Roesler
Men's Team Captain
The captain of the good ship Men. Our European import. Torsten is a regular on the WRRL circuit and usually found up near the front (ish) of the pack. Torsten became captain in 2017. Men. He is your guy. If you want to race speak to TR. It's like when Chelsea signed Ballack.
Kathy Bailey
Women's Team Captain
Killer Kathy as she's been dubbed is our Ladies Team Captain. Want to run XC or Relays? She's your point of contact. Kathy also helps plan and run our training sessions including her now infamous Monday Speed Sessions.
Nigel Collins
Holder of the K&D purse strings and overseer of the finances. Nigel is head of a dynasty of K&D Collins family members. Often tells the chairman off when he tries to convince the committee to buy bronze busts of the previous chairpeople.
Isabel Arthur
Committee Member
Isabel is our resident photographer. If you are running in K&D vests there is every chance Isabel will capture you. Any bad pictures of you are all your fault though. If you are going to pull funny faces like that... Isabel is shadowing Ann with a view to becoming Membership Sec. in 2018.
Mark Cordiner-Barton
Arden 9 Race Co-ordinator
King of the Arden 9. Mark uses his military background to ensure our flagship event, The Arden 9, happens every year. Mark does a fantastic job with his team of Arden 9 minions to ensure everything runs smoothly. An Action Man who enjoys the odd Ultra.
Steve Pensom
Committee Member
Relatively new to the club but jumped at the chance to be on the committee. Steve has all the makings of a future social secretary. Has done extensive research on The Forest in Dorridge.
Sarah Connors
Run Leader Co-ordinator
One of the founding members of the club. Our George Washington. A leading physio Sarah is instrumental in everything from fixing dodgy feet to organising our run leaders. Google her and you'll find that a) She was lead character in The Terminator films and b) she's been published in everything from Runner's World to The Guardian. A key cog.
Fiona Holland
Committee Member
Doesn't have Facebook so I couldn't nick a decent picture. Doesn't have Facebook. God that sounds like a pleasant way of life. Jo and Fiona are a force of nature when combined. Like Power Rangers.

Documentation from AGM’s, committee activities, meetings and decisions can be found here:

Committee Documents