Training + Awards: 22nd-1st May

Hey Troops.

There is no official training on Monday 22nd due to Massey 10k. There is also no official training on 1st May due our Annual Awards party. To guarantee sitting next to your friends/dietry choices please note the deadline is this weekend.

Mon 22nd April:
Massey Tractor 10k

Wed 24th April:
1 mile easy.
2-3 sets of 1 mile @ HM pace w. 1/2 mile easy run recovery
5x15s strides (full recovery).
1 mile easy.

Monday 29th April:
10x45s hill sprint (jog down)
(walk down)
10x 30s hill sprint (job down)

1st May:
AWARDS DO! with the wonderful Holly Rush
Super Runner, International Athlete, Dog Lover, Pork-Pie Eater, 11th at Barcelona Marathon (2019/2:47), 7th at Manchester Marathon (2019/2:46) as well as World-Class Ultra Runner.

England Athletics Digital Affiliation Pack

Hello Guinea Pigs.

Due to having a mole on the inside K&D RC members are the first athletes in the country to get the England Athletics Digital Affiliation pack’s emailed to them today. If you have registered as a member and paid through PayZip online portal you will find you should have an email. Take a look. Any issues please email As always check your junk. The rest of the country should be getting them next week assuming you don’t find any issues.

Best wishes,

Weekend Recap: Trail Trials

Hawkshead Lakeland Trails 16k:
The hills are alive with the sound of K&D’s women having great fun. Across the Lakeland hills Claire Maggs and Lorna Davies struck clear of the K&D possee to run 22:21:51 over the challenging course. Working together. Classic K&D. Or just an attempt to keep each other from getting lost?

Tracy Davies and Sue Wassell repeated the K&D dynamic duo double act to run 2:26:33. Part III of the K&D World Tag Team Championship battle saw Siobhan O’Donnell and Claire Deeley run 2:32:02. It’s good when you all record the same times. Halves the workload.

Brighton Marathon:
Anna Bousfield joined in on the Marathon fun by running 4:47:32 at the Brighton Marathon.

Cannock Chase Half Marathon:
Kudos to the organisers of the Cannock Chase Half. With some toerags messing with the course markers many runners found themselves running non-advertised distances. The organisers responded by offering everyone a free repeat race. Top race management.

K&D’s finest took on the very hilly course. David Hofton was first K&D runner in 1:58:01 followed by Jude Mansfield who smashed round in 2:04:49. Graeme Holt clocked 2:10:26, Jo Hitchcock’s 2:13:31 was once second ahead of Sarah Connors in 2:13:32. Victoria Kirby enjoyed a fine 2:19:59. Colin Jackson style dip there to break 2:20. Paul Winwood isn’t currently showing in the results but Strava says he ran 2:10. And if it’s on Strava it counts. Runner’s Rule #1.

Brueton parkrun:
Fresh from snapping at Gareth’s heels at Solihul Half, Gary Polhill once again ran Wainwright close. Scoring his 8th PB in 9 weeks Gary Polhill’s 17:21 was just 5 seconds behind Gareth who ran 17:16. Thirs K&D man was Ainsley Wainwright, tuning up for London with a his 5th PB in 6 week and an 18:50 to show last week’s first ever sub 19 was no fluke!

Our women were led by Manchester Marathon star Mary Heald (Did we mention her top-50 3:10 run?). Taking it easy a week after manchester she ran 21:38, just finishing in front of Jess Woolley who ran 22:08. Club favourite Jane Hunt ran 22:58 to take third spot on the K&D podium.

It was perfect pb conditions it seems as Jane Campbell ran 40:33 for a PB. She joined Gary Polhill (17:22), Ainsley Wainwright (18:50) as the Three PB Muskateers this week.

Shepton Mallet parkrun:
How to warm up for London Marathon? How about a PB and first finisher for Chris Morgan who ran a swift 16:48 to take the tape.

Arrow Valley parkrun:
Another first finisher token found it’s way into Darren John’s hand as he continued his comback with a post-lung blood clot’s best of 18:01 and a first finisher placing in Redditch.

Cannon Hill parkrun:
Johnny Bellman had a blast round Cannon Hill on Saturday running 20:15.

Evesham parkrun:
Alison Giblin and Kevin Tomkinson continued to rack up the tourist quota as they ran 30:04 and 26:57. Kevin didn’t meet any BCFC legends this week.

Swansea Bay parkrun:
Back in the mother land and Tim Price ran 20:02 round Swansea Bay.

Ballincolig parkrun:
Riina Kuuselo warmed up for London with a 20:32. Swift. She’ll be gunning for the 3:10 top of the rankings.

California Country parkrun:
Stephen Ray seems to be really having a terrible time in California. Wait. Not. It’s in Wokingham. Well, that at least makes the rest of us feel a little less jealous. Stephen ran 23:34. I hear Wokingham is lovely this time of year anyway.

Early Weekend Recap: Centurions & parkrun

You’re getting a double dose of Weekend news as it was a JAM PACKED 48 Hours in K&D Towers.

Centurion’s GP #6:
It’s the last race of the Centurions Grand Prix for 2018/19 and with runners all over the shop there was still solid K&D representation at our BFF’s Centurion’s superb race series.

Jason Pitcher took the honours as number one K&D on Sunday at Babbs Mill. Running 34:53 Jason finished one place ahead of Phil Wood (35:32) and Stephen Ray (36:24).

Jane Hunt was K&D’s sole and therefore leading female light with a 37:53 while Graham Edwards ran 39:37.

Brueton parkrun:
Gareth Wainwright managed to run 17:05… and still get beaten by two under-14s as the kids took all us old sod’s apart on Saturday. Torsten Roesler (18:02) and George De Bolla (18:08) were beaten by a total of 3 Under-14s and one Under-17. Seriously. :Laugh Crying Emoji:

Jane Evans was beaten by a total of zero under-17 girls restoring some K&D pride. Jess Woolley missed her PB by 3 seconds to run 20:51 and Mary Heald warmed up for Manchester by running a relaxed 21:53. More on Mary in a moment…

Aside from laughing at ourselves, which is always important, it was actually a superb day for quick running despite a biting wind. As evidenced by Centurion Peter Heald running 18:15 with a buggy. Don’t be surprised if Mary and Peter’s sproglett grows up to be the first female F1 world champ.

Torsten drove the K&D PB Bus with an 18:03 on a rare parkrun turn-out. Kevin Tomkinson got a PB AND a photo with Trevor Francis. 23:25 and great treat for that Bluenose. Kay Adenipekun made it 3 PB’s in a row as he ran 22:44. Phil Wood clocked 21:11 to start eyeing up that 21 minute barrier. Ainsley Wainwright went out like a fox with it’s tail on fire and held on to a PB of 18:58 – going under 19 minutes for the first time. The PB bus was full of blokes. Probably smelt a fair bit; thats why no women wanted to join them.

Arrow Valley parkrun:
Kathy Bailey and Ian Maidment ran spookily similar times at Arrow Valley on Saturday. 24:56 and 25:45 to use a very similar set of numbers. Were there no 7’s or 9’s left in Redditch?

Keswick parkrun:
Beautiful Keswick played host to our very own Isabel Arthur on Saturday as she took in the scenery and ran 30:19.

Victoria Dock parkrun:
Named after a woman called Victoria Dock,
Who if you paid a halfpenny would give you a shock…

Anyway. Richard Dixon ran 18:11.

Torbay Velo parkrun:
David John ran a PB of 30:01. Not bad for an old codger with one knee.