We Look forward to meeting our new challengers on Wednesday 3rd January at 6:45pm at St Phillips Church, Manor Rd, Dorridge.



Challenge History

In January 2015 we started our very first zero to hero running challenge. 21 individuals signed up to follow a four week plan with the final goal of running a 3.1mile (5k) Parkrun.  The plan was devised by a running coach and slowly increased the amount of running, training 3 days a week with an additional day of activity e.g. walking or cycling.

On the 7th February 19 keen participants  (only 2 lost through injury or not being able to make it) completed Brueton Parkrun in times varying from 28 minutes to 37 minutes and all with a smile and a great sense of achievement, and most of all a desire to keep on running.  Their grit and determination have really been an inspiration throughout the whole club, and best of all they have bonded so well that they will be more than just running buddies for a long time to come..


The course was repeated in 2016 with even more participants.  In 2017 we made a few changes and the course is just now just over 5 weeks long, but still with the final goal of completing Brueton Parkrun.


The following were written by some of the course participants….

Fiona – So, what is that makes you want to run in -1 degrees of utter coldness, go running  in the rain and sleet and run up cul de sacs as steep as Everest?!  Well, it’s  the help and support of K&D running club and the expert coaching of Geoff, Simon and Tracy coupled with a great bunch of determined volunteers!. Our journey began on one cold evening in January where the club explained the training plan to get us to undertake our first 5k run. A flurry of fluorescent jackets later and we found ourselves running around the cycle track at the Norman Green athletics centre under the watchful eye of Simon. This and our Wednesday evening training with Geoff was the beginning of our run/walk training plan in the build up to our 5k park run. The roads around Dorridge seems to stretch for miles as we weaved in and out with the runs that Geoff and Tracy took us on. The coaching was seamless and we received an abundance  of tips and advice on how to manage this challenge. As the weeks rolled on, so did the determination of everyone who had signed up. Our training plan set out a week by week view of training and rest days. So, the day eventually arrived – Brueton Parkrun. This was the day we had all worked so hard for. The K&D running club turned out to give us support as we took our places at the starting line. What a success as everyone completed the run, the memories of cold training nights and long roads now just a distant memory. The sense of achievement was unmeasurable as everyone gathered for the photo at the end. To achieve so much in such a short time with such professional support is amazing – so if you’re in the can’t run, won’t run camp give it a go! There are so many benefits of running and improving your fitness this has to be worth a go – getting healthy and having fun is just the start , so as the song says,” keep on running”………

Paul – August 2013. 56 and 15 stone plus. An unlikely runner having not done anything serious since cross country in my sixth form years. I whittled down my park run time (5 kilometres) to 30 minutes but in August 2014 I had my first running injury that kept me out for several weeks. By Christmas I had thought of giving up but was advised to contact Geoff at K&D running club. He sent me a lovely reply saying that I had fallen out of love with running and why not try out his new 0-3 mile group. I decided to give it a go and turned up for a wet and windy run-walk session at a car park! There were some 20 people that night. I didn’t know anyone and 18 were women. A bit daunting! But Nigel was there and we were both accepted without question by the ladies in our group. It was soon clear that there was a special chemistry and shared sense of fun and determination irrespective of age, gender or background. From that first night a few – but not many – have dropped out but several have joined. I now count this group as very good friends who keep an eye on each other, share jokes and Saturday coffees after park run, have social evenings and do not need much encouragement to join you on a run. I am still 15 stone, two years older and have yet to dip that 30 minutes but I have done two ten kilometre races, represented the running club, regularly run 2-3 times a week and feel better for it. If I can do this you certainly can!!

Nigel – I am a similar age to Paul, unfit, a desk bound job and persuaded to “give it a go” by my children.  Running is all about “little victories”, being able to run for 2… 4… 6 minutes.  The first week or so is all about yourself, there happen to be other people around, but it is how you progress.  Then , almost without noticing, it becomes about the group, how we can run for 6..8..10 minutes.  You look forward to running days. Any bad weather is just a vain attempt to defeat the group and actually makes the group stronger.  Then suddenly park run day arrives and your whole running future lies in front of you.