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Sponsor Announcement: Xact Homes

Knowle & Dorridge Running Club are pleased to announce the official launch of our Sponsorship with Xact Homes. Xact Homes have kindly offered to sponsor the club for 2017. As a local firm Xact Homes understand community and working in partnership with them we hope to be able to expand our club's offerings to the ...

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Membership Renewal: 2017/18 Season

Membership Renewal: 2017/18 - Click Here to Renew It's that time of the year again where membership renewal is needed.  To quote The Lego Movie Soundtrack:  Everything is awesome, Everything is cool when you're part of a team! If you wish to train with Knowle & Dorridge RC, compete for the club and maintain your ...

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Annual Awards Dinner Tickets Now On Sale

Tickets are now available for our Annual Awards Night.  Friday 12th May is our annual awards night and disco at the Forest Hotel in Dorridge.  It's like the Oscars but with more glitz and you don't even have to sleep inside a horse to win a prize (sorry Leo!). Theme tbc. We expect to ...

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The Art of Running Course: 7th & 24th May 2017

Exciting news! We have Malcolm Balk and Susie Baker back again this year. Malcolm is a Canadian running coach and also an Alexander technique practitioner and combines both with a natural enthusiasm for running. The two look at your running and give lots of ways to change how you run for the better, ...

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Men's XC: The National - Team: 63rd

Lads on Tour. K&D's men took on the very best in the country at the 129th running of the Saucony English National XC Championships this weekend. Woollaton Hall in Nottingham played host to 8000 runners in all age groups while K&D's Men took on 2000 other XC runners from clubs ...

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Knowle FC: Storm Doris Roof Damage

Storm Doris caused substantial damage to Knowle FC's Club House yesterday. Everyone at K&D RC Would like to send our full support to Knowle FC. They've been incredibly supportive of us recently during our move to their home and anything we can do to return the favour in this difficult time i'm ...

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Spring Training Plan 2017

Ladies Captain Kathy Bailey has circulated a detailed schedule of training opportunities and sample plan for those training through to Spring 2017. The plan is available on the Training section of the club website but can also be downloaded in excel format here: Spring Training Plan 2017 

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A New Era: A Message from the Chairman

Dear All, Welcome to a chapter in the history of our running club!  A reminder that from this week all of the main club sessions will now be from Knowle Football Club, Hampton Lane, Knowle.  Whilst there is plenty of car parking, the site is locked so please don't turn up ...

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Monday Night Speed Sessions

I feel the need... ...the need for speed. Monday Night Speed Sessions A reminder that Ladies Captain Kathy Bailey organises a speed session every Monday night for those athletes looking to put a little more speed into their legs. The speed session is suitable for all and will mostly focus on interval work at ...

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Wednesday Led Sessions

Our Wednesday club runs will always be led by members who have completed Leadership in Running Courses who will provide you with advice and guidance on your running and make sure you have someone to run with. Whilst our leaders are qualified please keep in mind they are volunteers and not professional ...

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Tempo Running

In our training schedules you'll find references to lots of different types of running, such as tempo running, fartleks, interval training and hill repeats which may be new to you or maybe you just need a refresher about what they all mean. In a series of articles over the coming months, club ...

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Club Buffs now available

Club Buffs now available.  £7.00 each Please contact Club Secretary Sally if you would like one on

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    Weekend Recap: Ambling Along, Read-y or Not and a parkrun roundup

    With the Knowle Fun Run write-up to come here are your other results from a week's great running...

    Asics Windemere Marathon, Ambleside

    Ambling along with a couple of late spring marathons were the brave pair of James Taylor and Kerry Whitehill who both completed Ambleside marathon on Sunday in warm conditions on an unforgiving and scenic course. 

    James and Kerry both ran personal bests. James clocked 3:24:24 and Kerry well inside the five hour mark, clocking a ver strong 4:48:37. Congrats to both of you on two fantastic runs.

    Warwickshire Country 3000m Championships

    Joe Read, Club Male Athlete of the Year 2016-17, capped off a fine year by finishing 2nd in the 3000m at the Warwickshire County Champs in Nuneaton on 14th May. Joe ran a time of 9:25:24 to finish 2nd in the small field. If more athletes are interested in track running please do mention it and we may be able to cobble the occasional group together for county champs and the like.

    Brueton parkrun:

    Thank you to everyone that helped out this weekend at Brueton by keeping right. The crowds were more manageable this weekend but your assistance helped greatly. It is massively appreciated by the organisers and your committee. As always, please feel free to pass any suggestions on. The organisers are always willing to listen.

    As for the results it was a K&D 1, 2, 3. Simon Bentley might not show up in the results but he crossed the line first. He needs to get a barcode though. He ran low 17's. However just add 10 seconds on to whatever he says he ran. Barcode penalty. Gareth Wainwright was second in 17:29 and Darren John rolled in at 17:53.

    For the women we knew it was coming. Kathy Bailey, fed up of peppering her personal best produced a smashing run in 21:19 to show she's in the form of her life. Louise Marklew and Elaine Callinan renewed friendly rivalries finishing second and third to Kathy in 22:55 and 22:59.

    There were PB Party Poppers Popping for Kathy Bailey with her 21:19 run. Also pulling the string and making a confetti mess were Edward Long in 19:29 and Julie Sutton in 29:53.

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    The Art of Running Coaching Clinic - Wed 24th May (£5)

    A reminder that after glowing reviews for the Art of Running Clinic we ran recently that we have the maestro himself, Malcolm Baulk with us next Wednesday at St. Philips to run a club clinic. Please note that for those attending the session will run later than your usual club night.

    Malcolm is a Canadian running coach and also an Alexander technique practitioner and combines both with a natural enthusiasm for running.

    Malcolm will give share his expertise and provide lots of ways to change how you run for the better; looking at your body weight being in the right position, better body alignment etc.

    While we try to keep most events free as Malcolm is coming from Canada there will be a small charge of £5 per member. Your club will be subsidising the event for you to keep costs low and participation high. The £5 will be payable on the night. Like a nightclub but without the hangover.

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    WRRL: Ryton Pools 5 Miler - Race Details

    The Ryton Pools 5 Miler hosted by Spa Striders is on Thursday 25th May 2017 at 7.30pm. A Thursday!

    A race on a Thursday just feels odd right?

    It is an enter on the night jobby so no online shenanigans to worry about. Just turn up with you shiny new plastic fiver to pay the entry fee.

    Where is it?

    Ryton Pools Country Park,
    Ryton Road,
    CV8 3BH

    The clue was in the race name really.

    The Entry Form can be downloaded here:

    Entry Form

    A course map can be found here:

    Course Map

    Entry is £5
    The Race has a 300 capacity
    Entry on the day only - Get there early! Entry closes at 7:10pm.

    No Frills. Turn up. Race. Go Home. Simple but effective.

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    Knowle Fun Run Teams - Alphabetti Spaghetti

    The Knowle Fun Run has arrived. As per every year we a) have a plethora of talented athletes and b) have none of them running on Sunday. We do have you lot listed below though:

    This year you have been put into teams based on estimated finishing times. This has been a rigorous scientific process including three Nobel Prize winning mathmaticians, extensive data crunching and looking you up on Power of 10 and or guessing where I didn't have data on your 10k times.

    The aim of the game is for each team to try and jump as many alphabetical places as possible. The team that does so will win a prize up to and including the value of... £4. That's a quid each. From the chairman's pocket no less (It'll probably be some chocolate). Like Alphabetti Spaghetti the letters should all be mixed up by the end.

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    All Club Members: Club Member Etiquette and parkrun support


    As a club we expect the highest standards from our members and that includes respect towards fellow runners, officials and event volunteers at all events as standard and irregardless of circumstances. 

    With running being a small community, even when not in club-colours, a single recognised club member is reflective of the whole of K&D RC. We have an excellent reputation and the club committee is determined to ensure our well earned respect within the wider-community continues. 

    The committee appreciates things happen in running events that may upset or frustrate you. Should you wish to speak to an event director of any race or run about an incident or issue please do feel free to contact the committee who will advise and offer support where we can and to ensure things are done in a way the befits the values of the club and all our members while addressing your concerns fully. Please remember that you represent everyone in the club. 

    Helping on a Saturday 

    Brueton parkrun has seen a massive rise in numbers since 2016. It is now vital that to ensure it continues to function you play a role in its organisation on a weekly basis. You are experienced runners who are needed to share your knowledge. Please stay religiously to the right of the path - you should not be crossing the white line.  If you see none club runners running on the left please encourage them to stay right. 

    parkrun is a two way agreement between a very understanding set of volunteers and the runners. If this understanding breaks down then Brueton parkrun will stop.  As a club we have a responsibility to help the parkrun team with our skills and experience. 

    Your Committee Supporting You

    I know there will be situations that frustrate. I was left sitting on the side of the road at the Knowle Fun Run by St. Johns for 2 hours with a broken hip in 2014 before being told it was a muscle tear and given paracetamol and told to go home by them. My leg was snapped in two,  major surgery was needed and I was off work 4 months. You can imagine the frustration at the treatment...

    But please remember without volunteers we have no events, club or sport.  A polite email or conversation after is much more likely to fix any situation and your club committee will always support you in that. 

    Thank you for your support and consideration. You are to a person a pleasure to work with and I'm sure going forward every one of you will help contribute to the positive running community we are building in Solihull. 




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    Weekend Recap: Being An Olympic Roesler

    Much Wenlock Olympan Half Marathon

    Men's Team Captain Torsten Roesler competed in the Much Wenlock Olympian Half Marathon over the weekend and came 4th with a time of 1:28:23. The course was pretty challenging, with a few naughty climbs along the way. It was roughly 50:50 road and trails making a sub-90 minute clocking even more impressive..

    Although don't let him tell you that makes him an Olympian now. That's not how it works Torsten!

    Brueton parkrun

    Gareth Wainwright's achilles niggles have cleared up and his running is nibbling down towards those low seventeen minute times again. This week he ran 17:21 followed closely by Darren John in 17:39. Tim Price, fresh from his London Marathon BBC appearance and slightly less fresh from the night out at the club do on Friday night finished third in 19:07.

    For some reason a number of runners were a bit slower on Saturday morning. It can't be down to too much wine, beer or prosecco the night before at the awards bash can it? They all kept insisting they were only drinking water...

    Kathy Bailey certainly behaved herself Friday night because on Saturday morning she was only four seconds off breaking her PB. She ran 21:49 to continue her hot-streak. Only a matter of time. Behind her Jane Hunt matched Kathy's efforts. Again only 4 seconds off her PB. Jane ran 22:16. Louise Marklew rounded out a quick ladies top 3 running 22:43.

    Two PB's this weekend as Gregory Turner and Sarah Church ran 20:40 and 37:36 respectively. Well done!

    Frimley Lodge parkrun

    A partridge in a parkrun sounds like an episode from Steve Coogan's repetoire. This week though it was Gail Partridge. She was, did and indeed is, err, indeed bouncing back with a 35:55. Back of the net.

    Kingsbury Water parkrun

    I hope they... Battson'd down the hatches, because there was a Gail at Frimley and a Battson, a Simon Battson at Kingsbury. Simon ran 26:00. Nice.

    Penrose parkrun

    Jane Cant showed she can as she ran Dan... Man. Her cup parkrunneth over with a time of 30:39 at Penrose parkrun.


    Not to be confused with Nick Knowles our very own Andy Knowles ran 22:10 in the Bard's home. I hope he didn't tread mud all through his house after. That'd never do.


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