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National Road Relay Championships - Men's Team 49th / Club 46th

There are 1365 registered athletics clubs in England. In a brilliant display of team work, humour, dedication and the K&D culture our Men's team delivered a brilliant result against the very best athletes in England (and Wales). Firstly, a massive thank you to Dave Carbutt and Ainsley Wainwright. Both men stepped ...

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Club AGM - Wed 18th April

Please find the full notice of the Club's Annual AGM as required by our Club Constitution. We will do a shorter run on the 18th followed by the Club AGM. It is very important people attend where possible. Agenda: Approval of last year’s minutes Report of Men’s Captain Report of Women's Captain Receive and approve ...

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Your 2018 K&D Awards Winners...

Ladies and Gentlemen it is an honour to present to you the 2018 K&D Awards Winners. We are incredibly proud of the achievements of the club this year. We actually hate having to single people out from all the brilliant members of our club. We want to thank you all for ...

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Midland Men's 12 Stage Road Relays Results: Smashed It

It was one of the best days in K&D Men's history on Saturday as 12 brave arctic explorers battled the frozen conditions, snow blizzards and polar bears to finish a best-ever 13th at the Midland Road Relays and excluding 'B' teams the 9th Club overall in the Midlands.  Considering records show ...

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London 10000 - 6 Male, 6 Female Free Club Places

Once again Knowle & Dorridge RC have 6 free women's and 6 men's places available for the London Vitality 10k on Monday 28th May. It's a Bank Holiday, the sun is usually shining and you get to finish on The Mall in front of Buckingham Palace. No tea with Her ...

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Club Membership 2018/19

Hello Team! It's that time of year when we ask you to give us £35 in exchange for listening to Darren's awful jokes. We ask you to sign up in March to make Ann's job easier in April 1st when the affiliation kicks in. Why is it £35? Well England Athletics membership ...

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K&D Awards 2018 - Dinner with Dame Kelly Holmes (20/03/18)

We're breaking with tradition and bringing our Annual K&D Awards Dinner forward. It's for a very good reason though.  Our guest of honour will be... Olympic Gold Medallist at 800m & 1500m (2004) Olympic Bronze Medallist at 800m (2000) Double Commonwealth Gold Medallist at 1500m (1994/2002) Double World Championship Silver Medallist at 1500m and 800m ...

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Club Kit Instore at Helix Sports, Dorridge

Hurrah! Our new batch of club kit has arrived in store at Helix Sports in Dorridge. You can pick it up from this afternoon (31st Oct). People with reservations will find their orders saved for them. Apologies about the delays. Both ourselves and Helix have been chasing on an almost ...

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K&D RC Appoint Hannah England, World Championship Silver Medallist, as Director of Running

Knowle & Dorridge Running Club are pleased to announce the appointment of Hannah England as Director of Running. Hannah England won a silver medal in the 2011 Daegu World Championships 1500m. Ranked 15th All-Time in the UK over 1500m Hannah brings an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge to the ever-growing ...

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Run Leader Tops - Presented by Helix Sport, Dorridge

It is a pleasure to be able to once again thank our friends at Helix Sport for their support and passion for what we do at K&D. Helix Sport have very kindly helped the club to deliver some some fantastic new kit for our trained run leaders. The bright tops ...

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Sponsor Announcement: Xact Homes

Knowle & Dorridge Running Club are pleased to announce the official launch of our Sponsorship with Xact Homes. Xact Homes have kindly offered to sponsor the club for 2017. As a local firm Xact Homes understand community and working in partnership with them we hope to be able to expand our club's offerings to the ...

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Men's XC: The National - Team: 63rd

Lads on Tour. K&D's men took on the very best in the country at the 129th running of the Saucony English National XC Championships this weekend. Woollaton Hall in Nottingham played host to 8000 runners in all age groups while K&D's Men took on 2000 other XC runners from clubs ...

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Knowle FC: Storm Doris Roof Damage

Storm Doris caused substantial damage to Knowle FC's Club House yesterday. Everyone at K&D RC Would like to send our full support to Knowle FC. They've been incredibly supportive of us recently during our move to their home and anything we can do to return the favour in this difficult time i'm ...

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Monday Night Speed Sessions

I feel the need... ...the need for speed. Monday Night Speed Sessions A reminder that Ladies Captain Kathy Bailey organises a speed session every Monday night for those athletes looking to put a little more speed into their legs. The speed session is suitable for all and will mostly focus on interval work at ...

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Wednesday Led Sessions

Our Wednesday club runs will always be led by members who have completed Leadership in Running Courses who will provide you with advice and guidance on your running and make sure you have someone to run with. Whilst our leaders are qualified please keep in mind they are volunteers and not professional ...

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Tempo Running

In our training schedules you'll find references to lots of different types of running, such as tempo running, fartleks, interval training and hill repeats which may be new to you or maybe you just need a refresher about what they all mean. In a series of articles over the coming months, club ...

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Club Buffs now available

Club Buffs now available.  £7.00 each Please contact Club Secretary Sally if you would like one on

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    K&D Committee 2018/19

    Following the K&D AGM on 18th April please see below for your club's committee for 2018/19.

    We would also like to appoint a vice-women's captain should anyone wish to support our Women's Captain.

    Darren John
    Member since October 2014.

    Serves as Chairperson and Web-Gopher.

    Races a ridiculous amount and is famous for fracturing his hip on Longdon road during the Knowle Fun Run.

    Complete stats geek and running obsessive.

    Jo Tork
    Jo does all the boring stuff like minutes and entering you in races and leagues.

    Secretary keeps everything ticking behind the scenes. Basically holds everything together.

    Isabel Arthur
    Membership Secretary

    Isabel is our resident photographer. If you are running in K&D vests there is every chance Isabel will capture you. Any bad pictures of you are all your fault though. If you are going to pull funny faces like that... Isabel will photoshop your pictures to make you look worse if you don't pay your subs!

    Jan Hornby

    From 0-3 to marathoner and now holder of the keys to the bank vault. Jan has risen through the ranks and is now charged with making sure the Chairperson doesn't spend all the funds on peanut butter and a silver bird bath. 

    Torsten Roesler
    Men's Team Captain
    The captain of the good ship Men. Our European import. Torsten is a regular on the WRRL circuit and usually found up near the front (ish) of the pack.
    Torsten became captain in 2017. Men. He is your guy. If you want to race speak to TR. It's like when Chelsea signed Ballack.
    Rosie Marsh
    Women's Team Captain

    Progressing right through to the sharp end Rosie has made massive strides; she'll no doubt be replicating this with our women's team. She'll convince you to do Cross Country (which you'll love!) and Road Relays (which you'll love!) and no doubt help our women progress at the same rate she has.

    Chris Sharp
    Men's Team Vice-Captain

    Club Show Pony and multiple record holder, Chris is now tasked with organising the sharp end and helping fine tune our men's performance division into an elite, crack force that can challenge for medals at regional meets and put on a jolly good show at Nationals.

    Mark Cordiner-Barton
    Arden 9 Race Co-ordinator
    King of the Arden 9. Mark uses his military background to ensure our flagship event, The Arden 9, happens every year. Mark does a fantastic job with his team of Arden 9 minions to ensure everything runs smoothly. An Action Man who enjoys the odd Ultra.

    Steve Pensom
    Committee Member
    Relatively new to the club but jumped at the chance to be on the committee. Steve has all the makings of a future social secretary. Has done extensive research on The Forest in Dorridge.

    Jo Hitchcock
    Run Leader Co-ordinator

    The liasion between run leaders, club members, committee and Hannah England. A key cog in making sure Wednesdays go smoothly. Jo is also famous for her epic Wednesday trail runs during the summer. You'll have no idea where you go but you'll love it!

    Fiona Holland
    Committee Member
    Doesn't have Facebook so I couldn't nick a decent picture.
    Doesn't have Facebook. God that sounds like a pleasant way of life.
    Jo and Fiona are a force of nature when combined. Like Power Rangers.
    Katie Price
    Wellbeing Officer

    Katie is taking on a new post in the club - Wellbeing Officer. The Wellbeing Officer will be an independent member responsible for supporting members who may encounter issues in the club or have other wellbeing concerns they may wish to discuss with a confidential, independent person. Will work with, but not for the committee. 



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    Weekend Recap: Regency

    Wright Hassell Regency 10k:

    At the Wright Hassle (not my pun) Leamington Regency 10k Chris Sharp backed up his great National Road Relays run with a solid 4th place in 33:26. A bevvy of K&D backed Chris up.

    Full Results:
    Chris Sharp - 33:26
    Ed Bower - 43:26
    Darren Maggs - 51:31
    Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell - 55:52
    Jan Hornby - 56:12
    Sally Anderson - 56:36
    Claire Maggs - 59:08
    Hayley Murphy - 1:03:26
    Robert Yates - 1:07:33

    Lakeland Trails 10k:

    Not quite 10k, but that is the joy of trail running. There is always an 'ish' after any distance.

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    This Week's Training: Brought to you by a Short Wed

    This Weeks Training. 

    Remeber Wednesday will actually be a bit shorter due to AGM.

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    AGM Agenda & Committee Meeting Minutes

    K&D's AGM is this Wednesday. There will be a shortened session, followed by the AGM. The agenda can be found below:

    AGM 18.04.2018 Agenda

    On 23rd March we held the end of year committee meeting. Minutes from which can be found below:

    Committee Meeting 28.03.2018 Minutes



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    National Road Relay Championships - Men's Team 49th / Club 46th

    There are 1365 registered athletics clubs in England. In a brilliant display of team work, humour, dedication and the K&D culture our Men's team delivered a brilliant result against the very best athletes in England (and Wales).

    Firstly, a massive thank you to Dave Carbutt and Ainsley Wainwright. Both men stepped in at the last minute to ensure K&D had a full team and showed the incredible strength in depth we now have. Legends. Ainsley hasn't been well for a few days so the commitment to still turn out for the club is amazing and a great display of teamwork.

    As an example of the quality of the field K&D competed against on Saturday Alex Yee ran the fastest 8.5km long leg of the day... in 24:57. Insane. 54 men ran under 30 minutes for 8.5km on the first leg alone. As the kids say: Race was LIT. Despite qualifying a couple of times before this was K&D's Nationals debut.

    After five hours of racing K&D emerged as the 46th best men's club in England. A sensational result. 69 Team competed on the day and excluding the big boy's B teams K&D's 46th best men's team is an incredible achievement against a field full of top class runners and internationals.

    Full Results
    (L) = Long Leg 8.5km-ish
    (S) = Short Leg 5.2km-ish

    Team - 46th Club/49th Overall - 5:00:28

    Chris Sharp - 28:42 (L)
    Paul Bentley - 19:18 (S)
    Darren John - 31:01 (L)
    Chris Morgan - 17:11 (S)
    Rob Michaelson-Yeates (L)
    Tim Price - 18:19 (S)
    Jack Bristow - 31:04 (L)
    David Carbutt - 18:48 (S)
    Chris Thorley - 32:58 (L)
    Ainsley Wanwright - 22:26 (S)
    Gareth Wainwright - 30:37 (L)
    Torsten Roesler - 18:56 (S)

    With a team missing the talents of Joe Read, Simon Bentley, Ricky Stewart, Richard Dixon, Rob Ambrose, John Randall and many others - most teams would struggle... but none of that for K&D who now boast a strength in depth to rival all but the very biggest clubs in the country.

    The Midland's Autumn 6 Stage Road Relays take place in late September. K&D Men will be picking A and B teams of 6 men for each based on form to be as competitive as possible. We will then fill as many other teams as possible at these fantastic events. Midland Relay isn't quite so fierce and we encourage everyone to join in!

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