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Masters Blasters - Gifford's Guinea Pig Plea

Hello Team! For Rachel's masters at the University of Birmingham she is conducting some exciting performance enhancing research on endurance trained athletes and she would be delighted if you would be interested in taking part in her research. Rachel is studying the effect of 5 days of heat acclimation on ...

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K&D Awards 2019 - A Rush of Awards

Firstly the thanks. Without Fiona Holland and Jo Tork there is no way the awards would run so smoothly. A massive thank you to both individuals who work together like Power Rangers to bring these events together. It couldn't happen without their superb table planning skills, timetabling or reminding your ...

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Weekend Recap: London Marathon - Pretty Good

It's the biggest street party in the UK. 26.2 miles of cheers, beers, fears and tears. Dreams of glory after months of hard work in the dark and cold of winter all coming together in one big jamboree of running. K&D sent a number of their troops into battle against ...

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Weekend Recap: The Battle of Manchester, Solihull Half

Manchester Marathon:Green and Gold swarmed Old Trafford. No longer in protest at the Glaziers but in vests and short shorts. Knowle & Dorridge's famous kit could be seen through the field of 20,000 runners. As with any marathon some people's races went amazing, some went south. It's the nature of ...

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Road Relays: K&D Women Fly, Gary & Nick Go At It

The headlines at this year's K&D Road Relays were stolen by K&D Women as they flew round sutton park finishing an incredible 7th in the Midlands. Our 6 women gave the biggest clubs in the country a right royal run for their pennies. Crowd favourite Jane Evans stormed round running ...

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Individual Coaching with Hannah England & Jonny Davies

Are you looking for support and advice going through 2019? Looking to supplement your K&D training? While we as a club can offer more generalised training and specialised support on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Sub 21 parkrunners with Coach Colin we appreciate you may need more individually tailored support at other ...

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K&D Awards Do with Holly Rush - 1st May 2019

K&D RC are pleased to host our 2019 Annual Awards. After a record breaking 2018-19 season K&D are delivering a jamboree to celebrate your achievements. We will be joined by the superb Holly Rush.With a 2:37 marathon PB Holly, who has represented GB, has moved onto the trails and Ultra scene. Her ...

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Warwickshire XC Champs: K&D Women Grab County Bronze

Women's Race: It was a great day for K&D's women as they stormed to their first ever team medal at county level. K&D's women's previous best was a 7th place in 2015 but it is testament to their development and team work that they take home a superb Bronze.Led, literally ...

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Wellbeing Officer

Knowle & Dorridge have elected Katie Price as the club's first Wellbeing Officer. The Wellbeing Officer role has a dual function; Signposting and Liasion.  The Wellbeing Officer is not expected to treat club members but will be a confidential signposter for members who may need support with physical or mental health difficulties.  The ...

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K&D RC Appoint Hannah England, World Championship Silver Medallist, as Director of Running

Knowle & Dorridge Running Club are pleased to announce the appointment of Hannah England as Director of Running. Hannah England won a silver medal in the 2011 Daegu World Championships 1500m. Ranked 15th All-Time in the UK over 1500m Hannah brings an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge to the ever-growing ...

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Sponsor Announcement: Xact Homes

Knowle & Dorridge Running Club are pleased to announce the official launch of our Sponsorship with Xact Homes. Xact Homes have kindly offered to sponsor the club for 2017. As a local firm Xact Homes understand community and working in partnership with them we hope to be able to expand our club's offerings to the ...

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Monday Night Speed Sessions

I feel the need... ...the need for speed. Monday Night Speed Sessions A reminder that Ladies Captain Kathy Bailey organises a speed session every Monday night for those athletes looking to put a little more speed into their legs. The speed session is suitable for all and will mostly focus on interval work at ...

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Wednesday Led Sessions

Our Wednesday club runs will always be led by members who have completed Leadership in Running Courses who will provide you with advice and guidance on your running and make sure you have someone to run with. Whilst our leaders are qualified please keep in mind they are volunteers and not professional ...

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Tempo Running

In our training schedules you'll find references to lots of different types of running, such as tempo running, fartleks, interval training and hill repeats which may be new to you or maybe you just need a refresher about what they all mean. In a series of articles over the coming months, club ...

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    Weekend Recap: Super Sunday

    Sport. It's a bit good.

    Northbrook 10k: A day of sporting drama and excitement began with our very own champions parade as Chris Sharp defended his Coventry Northbrook 10k title from 2018. Emerging victorious in the 2019 edition running 33:54 Chris was controlled throughout.

    Our second K&D man...was actually a woman. Jane Evans struck a blow for the 'fairer' sex by battering the blokes with a storming 37:28 to take 3rd Woman overall and set up K&D women for the team title. Giving the blokes a further ego bashing was The Rocket, Rachel Gifford who was 4th K&D Overall 37:55. Flick Sharp, team lynchpin brought the team trophy home in 41:40.

    Torsten Roesler put his dodgy achilles aside to run a strong 37:52. He finished just ahead of Rachel. We had to then explain what cricket was to our German friend. He seemed more interested when we mentioned it involved lunch. Darren John continued his long road to fitness with a 39:33. Hills are bad when you have no lungs.

    There were plenty of PB's through the K&D pack - always impressive on a difficult course. Top running team!

    Full Results:

    Chris Sharp 33:54 Martin Hancock 47:52 PB
    Jane Evans 37:28 Jane Hunt 48:42
    Torsten Roesler 37:52 Mark Owen 49:07 PB
    Rachel Gifford 37:55 Graham Edwards 49:10 PB
    Darren John 39:33 Rob Stewart 49:13
    Rob Mundy 40:43 Caroline Park 51:16
    Flick Sharp 41:40 Keith Whitehead 51:32
    Andrew Connors 42:30 Paul Winwood 51:50
    Jason Pitcher 43:44 PB Kate Marsh 52:02
    Mike Day 43:50 Karen Ratcliffe 53:00 PB
    Stephen Ray 45:18 Catherine Sherlock 53:48
    Phil Wood 45:23 Sam Morgan 53:51 PB
    Claire Magee 46:28 Sara Rowell 59:56 PB
    Kerry Thompson 46:49 PB Linda Whitehead 01:00:26
    Adam O'Nions 47:39 Caroline Edwards 01:02:02
    Steve Marks 01:10:13

    The Lundy Island Race:

    You've got to get a boat to the start line, 14 brutal trail miles, 3 lighthouses and a whole load of Puffins. You know this is right up Tim Price & Russ Davies street. Tim Price ran 1:49:43. Russell Davis finished in 2:16:22.

    Timberhonger 10k:
    The terrifically named Timberhonger 10k was graced by Alison Giblin on Saturday. alsion ran 1:04:29. Say it with us now...."Timberhonger". Doesn't it make you feel good? Timber... honger.

    Brueton parkun:
    Gareth Wainwright put on a show for his newborn. Equalling his PB while he still has chance to sleep Gareth tugged on the shoulder of Hywel Davies to run 16:45. George De Bolla - who can't work out how to add K&D to his parkrun profile ran 18:12 and Darren John ran 18:39.

    For our women it was Louise Bell that led the pack. Louise ran 22:56 Kathy Bailey continued to get speed in her legs with a 23:34 while Kerry Whitehill's 26:09 rounded out the top-3.

    Run of the day goes to Paul O'Donnell who smashed his PB to run 21:40 and it was great to see shy and retiring Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell back shuffling her way round parkrun after her recent time off.

    Lanhydrock parkrun
    The Boot's continued their tour of the South West scenic parkruns. Sandra fresh from her PB form pitted herself against one of the hardest parkuns in the country. 30:15 would have been a decent time on the flat 6 months ago. Smashing it.

    Whinlatter Forest parkrun:
    Kevin Tomkinson took on the race-themed parkrun and finished in 30:09. He said he'd take it easy this time and 'Whin' Later.

    Sherwood Pines parkrun:
    our very own Maid Marion, Kerry Ann Thompson ran a strong 23:15 at the lovely Sherwood Pines parkrun. She even saw some men in tights. Despite the heat.

    Ludlow parkrun:
    Katie Price popped up at Ludlow parkrun to run 32:05.

    Sutton Park parkrun:
    Super Steve Armstrong took on the killer sand bank at Sutton park and emeerged victorious over it as he ran a very impressive 22:10.

    Churchfields parkrun:
    Trail and Hills for Lissy Calvert who's 31:47 saw her finish 7th female.

    Torbay Veloparkrun:
    Devon correspondent David John ran 30:22 in the South West sun.

    Penistone parkrun:
    John Garside stretched his legs out post-ultra to run 22:44 in Penistone. lol. That's a funny named place. Penistone.

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    Weekend Recap: Make Mine a Half Please Bab

    Birmingham Black Country Half:
    The weekend kicked off with a point to point from Wolverhampton city centre to Birmingham city centre. So really should be called the Black Country Birmingham Half rather than the Birmingham Black Country Half. Pedantic but true. Due to the narrow paths of the canal and the fact none of us have yet mastered the walking on water trick pulled off by Jesus (or was it the excellent Donald Glover?) runners are sent off in waves.

    First for K&D was Joshua Hartle (not to be confused with Josh Hartnett from 2002 'comedy' 40 Days and 40 Nights). Josh Hartle ran 1:41:44. Josh was joined by Catherine Sherlock who ran 2:05:51, Katie Price (not that one), in 2:10:32 and Rosie Vetter in 2:10:33. Also running were Jan Hornby in 2:48:58, Frances Ramsden in 2:48:59 and Rebecca Blunt in 2:48:59. Special mention to former K&D'er Jane Quarmby who ran 2:49:00 for Warley Woods Pacers.

    Leamington Half:
    In 2018 Leamington Half was delayed due to idiots trying to access the course in their cars and it was a bazillion degrees in the heat. 2019 though seems to have had a much smoother ride for the organisers. The temperature was warm again but not quite as hot as the sun. Big Mick Williamson showed he is just as comfortable on land as in the water. He was first K&D in 1:29:24. Jason Pitcher crossed the line in 1:35:15, Phil Wood followed shortly after in 1:39:31 and Rob Stewart clocked 1:51:44. Paul Winwood, 'fresh' from last weekend's Ultra adventures (still waiting for the report!) showed there is no rest for the wicked by running 1:58:44. 2:17:22 was the finishing time for Karen Ratcliffe and Sammie Edgington. We hope Sammie's foot isn't too sore today after she needed medical attention (or were the Doctor's just very hansome?)  Kate Thompson ran 2:26:24 alongside Hayley Turner who stopped the clock in

    Evesham Town 10K:
    Kev Tomkinson had quite the weekend. He met the legend that is Jo Pavey at parkrun on Saturday and bagged himself a Jo-inspired PB of 49:46 on Sunday.

    Brueton parkrun:
    With Coventry cancelled an influx was expected, though it never arrived at Brueton. Sad times. We love beating Coventronians. Gareth Wainwright clocked a 17:06. Congratulations to Gareth and his better half on the birth of their new child. That's the last time he'll be near breaking 17 for at least 21 years. Habib Farazmand ran 8 miles, then clocked 18:31. Strong. Darren John ran 3 miles then clocked 18:48. Getting Stronger.

    For our women it was Kerry Ann Thompson, who is getting back to full strength in a 22:40. Followed by the always super strong runners of Louise Bell and Jane Hunt in 23:00 and 23:00. Blimey. Talk about close! It's also good to see Kathy Bailey running 23:11 and Victoria Britton on 23:14. Talk about neck and neck.

    Bushy parkrun:
    Anthony Dutton and Linda Whitehead were a couple of K&D'ers that escorted local hero Margaret Smith to the Bushy Octeganarians celebration. Anthony ran 19:27 at the home of parkrun while Linda clocked 30:26. Margaret and Linda were pipped for first lady by Mara Yamauchi. Mara is UK's #2 all time behind Paula Radcliffe over the marathon. She has a PB of 2:23:12. Take that one lads!

    Torbay Velo parkrun:
    David John clocked 30:54. He didn't get an invite yet to the octoganerians celebration (that's the chair's sleeping in the shed on his summer holiday this yr).

    Eden Project:
    Sandra Boot took in the Eden Project Biospheres and ran a superb PB of 25:58. She has come on leaps and bounds recently and continues to impress.

    Kingsbury Water parkrun:
    Kingsbury H2O played host to the parkrun Ambassador's Conference attendees. So if you didn't go to Kingsbury you missed out on meeting Paul Sinton Hewitt (parkrun Overlord, 31:18), Joanne Sinton-Hewitt (Overlord's wife, 30:49), the excellent on Twitter Tom Fairbrother (15:44), world class athlete Chrissie Wellington (17:58), 5x Olympian Jo Pavey (34:24), Kev Tomkinson (28:29) and Alison Giblin (31:58). Esteemed company for Paul, Jo, Tom, Chrissie and Jo Pavey to be in.

    Parke parkrun:
    There's a massive hill 800m into Parke parkrun. Like properly massive. Steve Marks would have probably ran sub-18 on the flat. As it was he ran 38:58. It's all that massive hill's fault. Beautiful though, and the parkrun isn't bad either.

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    Ben Smith: 401 USA 2020 Talk (Edgbaston, 15th July)

    There's a superb event going on in Birmingham for those who like running, talking and amazing, inspirational people.

    Ben Smith, who ran 401 marathons in 401 days will be talking all about his new mad-cap adventure in a charity fundraiser at Edgebaston on Monday 15th.

    Location: Warwickshire Suite, Edgbaston Stadium, Edgbaston Rd, Birmingham B5 7QU

    Date: 15th July 2019

    Details: Doors open at 18:30 and Talk begins at 19:30

    Adult Tickets are £12 and Children's Tickets are £6

    **DISCOUNT CODE BM1507201950
    is still available to drop price to £10 (subject to availability)** 

    Having endured years of bullying as a child, Ben Smith tried to take his own life. In adulthood, Ben struggled to feel content with the life that was mapped out for him. But having found his passion in running, Ben sold his possessions, escaped his old life and set off on what seemed like an impossible mission - 401 Marathons on 401 days across the UK, raising £330,000  for charity touching the lives of millions. This journey of a previously lost and broken man discovering that anything is possible, inspires the mantra that you should choose to search for what makes you truly happy.

    Ben received national media coverage in 2016 during the original 401 Challenge, culminating in him being presented with the Helen Rollason award at BBC Sports Personality of the Year (amongst other awards). Since the conclusion of the challenge Ben has run the 401 Foundation charity full time, supporting Anti-Bullying and Mental Health charities whilst campaigning for LGBT awareness. He has continued to inspire hundreds through talks and presentations at schools and businesses (where he's able to accommodate them) - a recent competition attracted 8000 UK school entries vying for a visit from Ben. British Airways recently included him in their BA100 people "... the people who represent the values we want to celebrate and make Britain the creative, open-minded, pioneering and welcoming place it is today"

    The next big challenge to the 401 Crew is set for 2020 in the USA, and to publicise this challenge (where Ben aims to raise £1m for charities) Ben is in the midst of a UK tour ; re-telling his story, discussing his motivations, and describing the 2020 challenge. The tour gives attendees the opportunity to get involved with the 2020 challenge, ask any questions to Ben, have photos taken with him, and even have him sign a copy of his highly rated book.

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    Weekend Recap: 14:23

    As our Ambleside Trail Running Amblers recover (Update from the Ultra Runners coming soon) we focus on parkrun where 14:23 was all it took Omer Ahmed to run a new Brueton parkrun course record and the fastest time in the country on Saturday! While the Birchfield Harrier scorched round our K&D contingent scraped jaws of the floor to do rather well themselves.

    Brueton parkrun:
    Behind Omer Ahmed, Rob Michaelson-Yeates put in a superb 16:49 run to finish 2nd overall and have the 'honour' of being just 2 minutes and 23 seconds behind the winner. Rob did get a PB though. Mr. Consistency Gareth Wainwright ran 17:14 while Stuart Male's 19:04 rounded out the K&D Men's Top-3.

    Kerry Ann Thompson continued her strong comeback with a sub-23, stopping the clock at 22:53. It was a ding-dong K&D battle as Louise Bell ran 23:07 and Siobhan Cotter ran 23:16. You could have thrown a blanket over the three of them. That would have been cruel in that heat though.

    Joining Rob in the PB Jamboree was, erm, nobody BUT Sophia Harrison did make her K&D Brueton debut. Well done Rob and Sophia!

    Forest of Dean parkrun:
    Kevin Tomkinson enjoyed a spot of tourism running 26:10

    Torbay Velo parkrun:

    Scorching temperatures left the asphalt melting at Torbay Velo. Darren John ran 18:51 while David John clocked 31:06

    Cannon Hill parkrun:
    Victoria Cook took a turn at Cannon Hill running 27:25

    Kingsbury Water parkrun:
    With the floods of the previous couple of weeks subsiding Simon Battson ran a swift 23:48 at the un-submerged Kingsbury Water Park.

    Arrow Valley parkrun:
    Kate Marsh ran 25:42 in Redditch

    Long Meadow parkrun:
    Long Meadows and Short Runs for Mary Heald who scorched to first woman in 20:46

    Tamar Lakes parkrun:
    Sandra Boot on holiday ran a superb 26:54. One of multiple Boots as the family decended. Louie Boot ran 16:33 for first but isn't K&D so meh. We're all about Sandra!

    Dartford Heath parkrun:
    Jack 'The Lad' Bristow took his legs for a spin with an 18:35

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    Training: 1st July-

    Pft. It is too hot for jokes.
    We're doing Tempos that will tune you up for Northbrook, and then add some speed into your legs for Monty.
    5k's always feel less hard if you do them regularly (honest!) so now would be a good time to go to parkrun if you don't regularly and plan to do Monty 5k

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    Weekend Recap: For King Chris Thorley

    Race to The King:
    In his own words: "It started in 2016 entering Race to the Stones (100km on the Chilterns) for a fantastic charity and raising over £6000. Me being me I went back to that race in 2017 due to unfinished business. I then did Race to the Tower last year (52 miles on the Cotswolds) and finally yesterday I competed the series running 53.8 miles with 5,600 ft of climbs in Race to the King (on the South Downs) in 8 hours 57 mins as a 40th birthday present.

    Fantastic day out yesterday in the heat and, as ever, challenging my sanity and perseverance at numerous times. Yesterday was special as I was able to share the start with Rachel Thorley (who is out there today finishing Race to the King herself). About 230 miles and 20,000 ft of climbs for those medals.

    I made so many new friends during all the races and met some fantastic people. If you’ve never pushed yourself to do a long run just try (doing whatever means “long” to you) - it’s inspirational the variety of people that do these and such a great way to realise the inner strength you have. (Motivational bit over).

    Now for “fat week” (no sport and excessive eating and drinking) and driving back to Winchester to see the wife finish 😂👊🏃🏻‍♂️🏅"

    Wythall and Hollywood 10k:
    The strongest K&D line up in W&H10k history toed the line as they showed support to this great local 10k.

    Rob Michaelson-Yeates (34:41) and Jane Evans (38:03) led the men and women home as K&D swamped the field with quality performances.

    Full Results:
    Rob Michaelson-Yeates - 34:41
    Jack Bristow - 35:44
    Gary Polhill - 35:45
    Jane Evans - 38:01
    Rachel Gifford - 38:34
    Paul Bentley - 40:10
    Adam O'Nions - 42:27
    Steve Armstrong - 43:18
    Stephen Ray - 46:05
    Andy Hawkins - 46:36
    Jason Pitcher - 47:52
    Caroline Parks - 48:28
    Andrew Knowles - 49:19
    Rob Stewart - 49:49
    Kate Marsh - 50:59
    Kevin Tomkinson - 53:24

    Brueton parkrun:
    Nick Woolley lay down a stunning run to ever so narrowly miss out on a sub-17 Brueton clocking. Nick who's excelled over summer ran 17:00 for a course PB. He nipped Gareth Wainwright who clocked 17:16 and Chris Morgan enjoyed a fine stretch of his legs in 18:32.

    K&D's top female honours went to Nick's far better half, Jess Woolley. Jess ran 21:43. Kerry Ann Thompson continues her return post-injury as she ran a strong 22:45 and evergreen Jane Hunt chased Kerry the entire way, running 22:51.

    Arrow Valley parkrun:
    Two Edwards' and an Austin were doing the two laps round the lake as Pete ran 21:34 and Caroline and Graham both clocked 29:35.

    Torbay Veloparkrun:
    Darren John recovered slightly from his recent health and injury wobbles to run a course PB of 18:32, his thunder was stolen by his father David John though who ran a massive PB of 29:26. Knocking his PB down from last week's 29:59.

    Sandwell Valley parkrun:
    Kevin Tomkinson popped over to the hills of Sandwell and enjoyed a 29:00 pootle.

    Conwy parkrun:
    It's holiday season so K&D Tourism is in full flow. Frances Ramsden ran 30:27 at Conwy.

    Holkham parkrun:
    Ainsley Wainwright got his nobbly knees out at Holkham to run 19:19.

    Lancaster parkrun:
    Mary Heald ran 22:14 in Lancaster.

    Stratford-Upon-Avon parkrun:
    Fast and Flat suited Victoria Cook on Satuday as she stormed round Stratford in 25:37.

    Bedgebury Pinetum parkrun:
    A new parkrun for this column gives Alison Giblin the Bedgebury Pinetum K&D Course Record.

    Hafan Pwllheli parkrun:
    Tim Price took to his homeland to storm round in 18:30.

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