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Run Leader Tops - Presented by Helix Sport, Dorridge

It is a pleasure to be able to once again thank our friends at Helix Sport for their support and passion for what we do at K&D. Helix Sport have very kindly helped the club to deliver some some fantastic new kit for our trained run leaders. The bright tops ...

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Inter Club Race 2017: Hosted by Kenilworth - Aug 17th

Every year there is a Wrestlemania-sized dust up between Knowle & Dorridge, Spa Striders, Kenilworth Runners and Stratford AC. This year it is hosted by Kenilworth Runners. The date is Thursday 17th August. Best of all it is FREE! We like to encourage as many runners to take part as possible. ...

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Sponsor Announcement: Xact Homes

Knowle & Dorridge Running Club are pleased to announce the official launch of our Sponsorship with Xact Homes. Xact Homes have kindly offered to sponsor the club for 2017. As a local firm Xact Homes understand community and working in partnership with them we hope to be able to expand our club's offerings to the ...

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Membership Renewal: 2017/18 Season

Membership Renewal: 2017/18 - Click Here to Renew It's that time of the year again where membership renewal is needed.  To quote The Lego Movie Soundtrack:  Everything is awesome, Everything is cool when you're part of a team! If you wish to train with Knowle & Dorridge RC, compete for the club and maintain your ...

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Men's XC: The National - Team: 63rd

Lads on Tour. K&D's men took on the very best in the country at the 129th running of the Saucony English National XC Championships this weekend. Woollaton Hall in Nottingham played host to 8000 runners in all age groups while K&D's Men took on 2000 other XC runners from clubs ...

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Knowle FC: Storm Doris Roof Damage

Storm Doris caused substantial damage to Knowle FC's Club House yesterday. Everyone at K&D RC Would like to send our full support to Knowle FC. They've been incredibly supportive of us recently during our move to their home and anything we can do to return the favour in this difficult time i'm ...

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A New Era: A Message from the Chairman

Dear All, Welcome to a chapter in the history of our running club!  A reminder that from this week all of the main club sessions will now be from Knowle Football Club, Hampton Lane, Knowle.  Whilst there is plenty of car parking, the site is locked so please don't turn up ...

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Monday Night Speed Sessions

I feel the need... ...the need for speed. Monday Night Speed Sessions A reminder that Ladies Captain Kathy Bailey organises a speed session every Monday night for those athletes looking to put a little more speed into their legs. The speed session is suitable for all and will mostly focus on interval work at ...

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Wednesday Led Sessions

Our Wednesday club runs will always be led by members who have completed Leadership in Running Courses who will provide you with advice and guidance on your running and make sure you have someone to run with. Whilst our leaders are qualified please keep in mind they are volunteers and not professional ...

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Tempo Running

In our training schedules you'll find references to lots of different types of running, such as tempo running, fartleks, interval training and hill repeats which may be new to you or maybe you just need a refresher about what they all mean. In a series of articles over the coming months, club ...

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Club Buffs now available

Club Buffs now available.  £7.00 each Please contact Club Secretary Sally if you would like one on

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    Weekend Recap: (What the Thorley) Morgan Glory?

    Race to the Stones:

    'Some Might Say' that 100km in the middle of July is a a mad idea. Not Chris Thorley, first of two mega Chris based performances this week.  Chris Thorley finished 35th in the annual Race to the Stones.

    Chris took about 4 hours off his previous best. Finishing in an incredible 10 1/12 Hours. Utterly ridiciulous. You mad man. I've attached his splits for you to look at and laugh. 

    Brueton parkrun:

    Special early mention for Brueton this week as Chris Morgan rounds out our Chris-palooza of great performances. Chris smashed his 5k PB with a stunning 16:51 at Brueton. The guys up front went out hard (a 5:10 first mile) and Chris dug in with Gareth Wainwright with our men going 16:51 and 16:54 for second and third overall. Behind them Darren John tried gamely to hold onto the coat tails before fading to 17:38. 

    For our women Jane Hunt took the crown on Saturday in the rain. The downpour didn't dampen her run with a strong 22:52. Sally Anderson splashed in behind Jane in 25:43 and Kate Marsh made the 'moist' of the wet conditions to paddle home in 25:57.

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    Run Leader Tops - Presented by Helix Sport, Dorridge

    It is a pleasure to be able to once again thank our friends at Helix Sport for their support and passion for what we do at K&D. Helix Sport have very kindly helped the club to deliver some some fantastic new kit for our trained run leaders. The bright tops will not only make help our club continue to lead the way in innovative partnerships but also help our members identify their England Athletics qualified Run Leaders when out on group runs.  

    “Once again we have been so warmly welcomed at K&D RC. It was a pleasure to come along on Wednesday night to hand over the run leader vests. We enjoyed working with Sarah to get everything just right, and they do look awesome! It won’t be much longer before we open our doors on Station Road, Dorridge and we look forward to welcoming everyone through our doors, whether coming to collect the K&DRC club kit, or to pop in to say hello”

    - Kim Husle,
    Helix Sport, Dorridge

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    Weekend Recap: Northbrook 10k, Leeds 10k & parkrun roundup

    Northbrook 10k:

    Edit: Congrats to our K&D Women who stole the show. A fantastic team win for our women at Northbrook 10k complimented another trophy on the mantlepiece for women's winner Jane Evans. What a result!

    What goes up must come down... eventually. With 6km of uphill not enough these days Nortbrook AC decided to punish us a little more by moving the race start to the bottom of the hill. A slow first km at least allowed for those of us who'd arrived late-ish to ease into the race. With hot temperatures and a tough course PB's are hard to come by at Northbrook and a good run is very well earned. If it didn't go to plan today you should have at least treated yourself to a good Sunday lunch. Big well done to everyone that ran today in hot conditions.

    Full K&D Results:

    Chris Sharp - 33:44
    Darren John - 36:03
    Chris Morgan - 36:19
    Joe Read - 36:30
    Jane Evans - 37:53
    Michael Swann - 38:54
    Richard Dixon - 39:12
    David Carbutt - 40:29
    Paul Williams - 40:43
    Mike Day - 43:06
    Adam O'Nions - 43:26
    Mary Heald - 43:34
    Rosie Marsh - 44:04
    Amanda O'Leary - 44:07
    Peter Austin - 44:28
    Steve Armstrong - 44:37
    Ian Naisbitt - 45:08
    Christopher Revell - 45:55
    Stephen Ray - 46:07
    Ian Voaden - 46:51
    Jane Hunt - 48:33
    Mike Durkin 48:55
    Simon Krstic - 49:10
    Rachel Aston - 51:19
    Graham Edwards - 52:02
    Rob Stewart - 54:09
    Kate Marsh 54:13
    Karen Stapley - 55:09
    Geoff Lewis - 55:22
    Stephen Evans - 55:52
    Nicola Ridler - 56:08
    Claire Maggs - 56:56
    Sally Anderson - 57:08
    Debbie Finnegan - 59:44
    Michael Stapley - 59:53
    Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell - 1:00:08
    Caroline Edwards -1:00:54
    Jackie Paterson - 1:06:29
    Susan Wassell - 1:06:29
    Claire Deeley - 1:06:36
    Jo Tork - 1:08:39
    Emily King - 1:10:27
    Steve Marks - 1:12:39

    Leeds 10k:

    Mark Cordiner-Barton (MCB for short) took on Leeds 10k on Sunday. MCB ran 1:01:10 - a good run after a long year back to racing fitness. MCB has an ultra coming up soon. Silly sod.

    Brueton parkrun:

    Gareth Wainwright took advantage of some agressive front running by a BRAT athlete to be pulled along to a swift 17:05 in second overall. The pair gapped the field in the early stages at Brueton and never looked back. Behind them Darren John tried to close the distance but ended up third in 17:43 as Chris Morgan enjoyed a leisurely (for him) 19:13 run-out. 

    For the women Sarah Cattell took the honours in 24:14 just pipping Mary Heald in 24:27. Kate Marsh was third K&D woman in 25:24. There were no outright PB's this week but Gail Partridge was incredibly unlucky not to get a shiny PB as she equalled her best ever time in 32:45. 

    Congrats to Andrew Cox who celebrated his 100th parkrun!

    Arrow Valley:

    Dave Carbutt warmed up for Northbrook 10k by tackling Arrow Valley parkrun. Dave ran a quick 19:08.

    Portrush parkrun:

    Monica Green went off road and got the sand between her toes at Portrush parkrun. The first all sand parkrun in the world Monica hit the beach running with far better form than Pamela Anderson in Baywatch clocked an impressively sandy 21:59.

    Dartford parkrun

    Jack Bristow took to Dartford like a cruiseliner takes to water. He ran 21:17. Presumably he celebrated in Blue Water Shopping Centre's Pirate Cove Adventure Park Mini Golf Centre.

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    Thunder Run Spot Available (Fri 21st-Sun 23rd July) £55

    Due to injury niggles we have a spot available on one of our Thunder Run teams for the sold out Conti Thunder Run.

    The 24 hour Thunder Run is a relay of 10k laps around beautiful Catton near Tamworth. It starts midday Saturday 22nd July and finishes on the stroke of midday Sunday 23rd July. In teams of 5 there is no pressure to race, it's just 4 or so training runs on tough but not too tough trails. Think of it as two double training days - tough but doable. We also encourage walking, skipping, hopping and crawling. 

    £55 covers free camping all weekend.
    There is good food on site.
    Excellent hot showers.
    Jovial campmates.
    Chunky medal and lovely Adidas Tshirts
    3000 runners in mixes of Solo, Pairs and Team entries from clubs all over the country.

    K&D Runners in the teams include: Darren John, Rob Stewart, Max Mladenovic, Simon Bentley, Kate Marsh, Anna Perry, Richard Drakeley, (former K&Der) Mark Amyes and Paul Winwood - so a nice spread of abilities and experience. And more importantly: Decent people to spend the weekend with.

    If you're interested please reply to this shout out on Facebook or speak to Darren John, Paul Winwood, Richard Drakeley or Max Mladenovic etc. ASAP. Deadline for entry changes is 21st July so need any willing victims to put their names forward pronto.

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    Weekend Recap: Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

    Our men took centre stage this weekend as a brief break in the WRRL season allowed our hairy chested runners to bare some skin and break free of the confines of their office attire. (Note: We aren't ruling out any of our women having hairy chests either - we accept all at K&D).

    Keith Whitehead is first on the list. We'll let our roving reporter Steve Evans set the scene...

    We salute Keith Whitehead and his continuing and unending silliness. The day didn't quite go to plan - In Keith's own words:

    But to Keith and Linda we applaud the fact you put yourselves out there on the line in the middle of summer!

    Similarly Gary Wickett continued his ongoing battle against sanity by completing the Black Country to Birmingham half on Saturday morning, the Timberhonger 10k in the evening and The Compton Verney Half on Sunday. Mad as a box of frogs.

    In the Birmingham Black Country Half Gary (2:03:36) was joined by Adam O'Nions in 1:36:02, Clare Carmen in 2:02:25 and Nicola Ridler in 2:03:18.

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    Back on Track: WCAA 5000m Wed 5th July

    WCAA open graded entry form for 2017

    For anyone fancying entering the Warwickshire Country Champs 5,000m on the track the details are below for next weeks event.

    Entry Form: WCAA open graded entry form for 5th July 2017

    A late reminder that the next Warwickshire Open Graded Meeting is on next Wednesday, 5th July, at Edmondscote Stadium, Leamington Spa. I have attached an entry form for you. You can complete it beforehand to save time on the night but there will be spare copies at the track.
    It is very easy, turn up, pay £5, run, eat cake and go home.
    The meetings are always on the first Wednesday of the month so you can also make a note of 2nd August and 6th September.
    Don't forget your pins
    We have photofinish and electronic timing
    "Friend" Warwickshire County on Facebook to get results quickly 
    Don't forget your pins
    Bring money for cake and coffee
    Please park in the field next door to the track as signposted locally. It is only a few yards from the start line
    Help us by telling your friends and club colleagues.
    Don't forget your pins.

    If any of you run faster than Mo Farah did in Eugene recently i'll give you £100.

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