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Wellbeing Officer

Knowle & Dorridge have elected Katie Price as the club's first Wellbeing Officer. The Wellbeing Officer role has a dual function; Signposting and Liasion.  The Wellbeing Officer is not expected to treat club members but will be a confidential signposter for members who may need support with physical or mental health difficulties.  The ...

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Membership Renewal - Don't Risk WRRL Results Not Counting

Numbers are creeping up but there are still a significant number of runners who haven't paid their subs for 2018-19 yet. If you have any questions please email the club on Your membership ensures your Warwickshire Road Race League results are counted. If you don't renew you run the risk ...

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National Road Relay Championships - Men's Team 49th / Club 46th

There are 1365 registered athletics clubs in England. In a brilliant display of team work, humour, dedication and the K&D culture our Men's team delivered a brilliant result against the very best athletes in England (and Wales). Firstly, a massive thank you to Dave Carbutt and Ainsley Wainwright. Both men stepped ...

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Your 2018 K&D Awards Winners...

Ladies and Gentlemen it is an honour to present to you the 2018 K&D Awards Winners. We are incredibly proud of the achievements of the club this year. We actually hate having to single people out from all the brilliant members of our club. We want to thank you all for ...

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Midland Men's 12 Stage Road Relays Results: Smashed It

It was one of the best days in K&D Men's history on Saturday as 12 brave arctic explorers battled the frozen conditions, snow blizzards and polar bears to finish a best-ever 13th at the Midland Road Relays and excluding 'B' teams the 9th Club overall in the Midlands.  Considering records show ...

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Club Kit Instore at Helix Sports, Dorridge

Hurrah! Our new batch of club kit has arrived in store at Helix Sports in Dorridge. You can pick it up from this afternoon (31st Oct). People with reservations will find their orders saved for them. Apologies about the delays. Both ourselves and Helix have been chasing on an almost ...

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K&D RC Appoint Hannah England, World Championship Silver Medallist, as Director of Running

Knowle & Dorridge Running Club are pleased to announce the appointment of Hannah England as Director of Running. Hannah England won a silver medal in the 2011 Daegu World Championships 1500m. Ranked 15th All-Time in the UK over 1500m Hannah brings an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge to the ever-growing ...

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Run Leader Tops - Presented by Helix Sport, Dorridge

It is a pleasure to be able to once again thank our friends at Helix Sport for their support and passion for what we do at K&D. Helix Sport have very kindly helped the club to deliver some some fantastic new kit for our trained run leaders. The bright tops ...

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Sponsor Announcement: Xact Homes

Knowle & Dorridge Running Club are pleased to announce the official launch of our Sponsorship with Xact Homes. Xact Homes have kindly offered to sponsor the club for 2017. As a local firm Xact Homes understand community and working in partnership with them we hope to be able to expand our club's offerings to the ...

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Monday Night Speed Sessions

I feel the need... ...the need for speed. Monday Night Speed Sessions A reminder that Ladies Captain Kathy Bailey organises a speed session every Monday night for those athletes looking to put a little more speed into their legs. The speed session is suitable for all and will mostly focus on interval work at ...

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Wednesday Led Sessions

Our Wednesday club runs will always be led by members who have completed Leadership in Running Courses who will provide you with advice and guidance on your running and make sure you have someone to run with. Whilst our leaders are qualified please keep in mind they are volunteers and not professional ...

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Tempo Running

In our training schedules you'll find references to lots of different types of running, such as tempo running, fartleks, interval training and hill repeats which may be new to you or maybe you just need a refresher about what they all mean. In a series of articles over the coming months, club ...

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    Weekend Recap: Knowle Fun Run, Worcester Source and O'Nions

    Knowle Fun Run:

    It was a hot, hot, hot afternoon at the Knowle Fun Run as the 9.6km course brought residents out with their hoses to keep runners cool. Knowle & Dorridge RC fought off a Coventry Godiva throw down, locals cheered on their Green and Gold heroes and there were plenty of familiar faces supporting. Congrats to our A Team who retained the Team Trophy.


    Gareth Wainwright - 34:04
    Chris Morgan - 34:27
    Darren John - 35:14
    Chris Thorley - 35:36
    Torsten Roesler - 35:52
    Simon Bentley - 36:40
    Paul Bentley - 37:05
    Jonathan Randell - 38:19
    Greg Turner - 38:27
    David Carbutt - 38:51
    Ainsley Wainwright - 40:26
    Andrew Connors - 41:31
    Steve Armstrong - 41:36
    Max Gimson - 41:39
    Amanda O'Leary - 42:44
    Nick Atkin - 43:19
    Ed Bower - 44:16
    Gary Welsh - 44:25
    Andrew Knowles - 44:25
    John Garside - 45:47
    Mike Durkin - 45:50
    Paul Bieliauskas - 47:36
    Simon Krstic - 48:18
    Rob Stewart - 49:43
    Kate Marsh - 49:50
    Paul Winwood - 50:19
    Martin Dedicoat - 50:29
    Kay Adenipekun - 50:36
    Richard Lisiecki - 52:21
    Karen Ratcliffe - 52:39
    Jan Hornby - 53:00
    Graham Edwards - 53:09
    Subhash Agarwalla - 53:36
    Geoff Lewis - 54:34
    Imogen Rowe - 54:48
    Liz Williams - 55:04
    Katie Price - 56:39
    Amanda Marklew - 56:39
    Nigel Foster - 57:18
    Kevin Tomkinson - 57:56
    Amanda Crees - 58:25
    Lianne Le Swann - 1:00:16
    Paul Jeffrey - 1:01:13
    Caroline Edwards - 1:01:17
    Jerome Ment - 1:02:20
    Isabel Arthur - 1:02:46
    Richard Drakeley - 1:03:16
    Lynsey Drakeley - 1:03:16

    Worcester Half Marathon:

    Congrats to Adam O'Nions who supplemented his Knowle Fun Run supporting duties with a quick jaunt round Worcester Half Marathon in 1:37:44

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    Night of the 10,000m PB's - Live on BBC Online Tonight (8:30pm)

    The (equal*) most exciting event in the British running calendar is LIVE on the BBC tonight for the first time.  Tune in from 8:30pm online tonight:

    Expect to see:
    Elite Men and Women duking it out over 25 Laps.
    Running through a beer tent
    Supporters in Lane 3
    European 10,000m Cup
    Fireworks + Fire Jugglers
    Bridge of Thighs over the track for spectators
    Brueton parkrun Female Record Holder: Katrina Wootton in the Elite Women's race


    *The National XC Champs and Night of the 10000m PB's are both equal 1st in most exciting events stakes. Obviously!

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    The Arden 9 - 17th June 2018: Entries & Volunteers

    The Arden 9 is fast approaching. Entries are flying in thick and fast. Just under 50% full; and there is always a mad rush once the WRRL is in full flow over the next couple of weeks. Get your name down now to avoid disappointment.

    Enter Here

    Not Running? Want to help before or after you run? We always need volunteers! email if you or a loved one would like to support. We have a range of roles with no special skills required. From water hander-outers to packing away the tent. Lots of little hands make the day easy for Mark and Darren who'll otherwise be ran ragged.

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    Knowle Fun Run Teams

    Hi All, 

    See below for your Knowle Fun Run Teams. A little friendly inter-club rivalry. We've selected a crack band of elite ringers (and Darren) to try win the team title as a matter of local pride. 

    Everyone else has been selected on the complicated process of trying to guess who's similar time wise. Lets see if any of the teams can overhaul the teams in front of them. Let battle commence!


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    Weekend Recap: Stratford in the Sun, parkrunning round the UK

    Stratford Half Marathon: A sizzling Stratford played host to hot K&D performances on Sunday. Its was a PB Three, tumbles, top-10 finishes and great running through the countryside. 

    Darren John finished 7th overall, a PB attempt nixed by 8 miles on his own. Rosie Marsh took a superb gambowl at a water station after another runner tripped her. She still smashed her PB, only just missing out on breaking 1:30. 

    Darren John 7324 MSEN 01:19:10 01:19:08
    Rosie Marsh 4211 FSEN 01:30:44 01:30:37 (PB)
    Greg Turner 7924 MSEN 01:34:18 01:32:02 (PB)
    Gary Welsh 8049 M35 01:43:38 01:43:25
    Kate Marsh 4326 FSEN 01:50:32 01:50:02 (PB)
    Hannah Gibson 4731 F35 01:52:21 01:48:56
    Jude Mansfield 4242 F45 01:55:07 01:51:52
    Robert Stewart 7542 M35 01:56:42 01:56:00
    Darren Maggs 8003 M45 01:59:58 01:59:13
    Karen Ratcliffe 4864 F55 02:00:35 01:57:30
    Sandrine Gacon 4334 F45 02:01:08 01:57:48
    Claire Maggs 4462 F45 02:06:57 02:06:08
    Sally Anderson 4453 F45 02:08:43 02:07:53

    Brueton parkrun:

    Gareth Wainwright clocked low 17's again as he showed quick heels post-London. His 17:16 was enough for the 1st place token once again. Behind him Chris Morgan remembered his tag and finished 3rd overall in a comfortable 18:07. Paul Bentley took third, skipping round to a sprightly 18:50.

    Monica Green was the leading light for the women as she clocked an impressive 21;03 for 1st woman overall. Siobhan Cotter took a leisurely stroll for her in 25:07 and it was a battle between Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell (27:35) and Katie Price (27:41) for third woman.

    On parkrun #4 Kelly Cridland clocked a new PB of 31:46. In PB corner Kelly was joined by Emily Campbell who ran 28:27 and Gareth Lloyd (28:32).

    Cannon Hill parkrun:
    Doing the PB double this weekend was Kate Marsh who clocked a superb 23:13 to warm up for her 1:50:02 HM PB. Bosh. Darren John ran 17:17 too at Cannon Hill.

    Wolverhampton parkrun:

    Over in the Black Country we find Phil Wood who ran 22:35. Clearly the smog and soot in the air didn't slow him down. 😀

    Wormwood Scrubs parkrun:
    *Insert obvious prison joke here*.
    Martin Hancock ran 23:37 at Wormwood Scrubs parkrun. He'll be back at club in 12-25 years for crimes against humour. 

    Wimpole Estate parkrun:
    Completing his 50th different venue parkrun was Kevin Tomkinson who ran a buggy powered 29:49.

    Northwich parkrun:
    Johnny Bellman ran a superb 18:37 to take 2nd place overall at Northwich.

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